Friday, December 22, 2006

Cheese Steaks and Mistletoe

So I've decided to start with a Christmas post since it is only a few days away! We are heading up to Fortuna tomorrow hopefully around 3pm. There has been a rumor going around my work that we might get off at noon would really be great! I'm sure we would hit a butt load of traffic in the bay area though, but hopefully we would arrive earlier than midnight.

On our way up we will probably stop at our fave restaurant in Sunnyvale called St. John's. Thanks to Scotty's recommendation, we fell in love with their chicken cheese steaks. Philly's down in AG makes pretty good ones too, but I think St. John's has them beat. Plus you can't sit next to a photo of Joe Montana or Chris Mullins in Philly's. Sorry dudes.

We will also be stopping in Ukiah at The Steinbuck's for our annual visit. I'm not sure if Syd will be awake when we get there, but I'm sure her mom will open her gifts for her if she's not! (Just kidding Re!) I am quite excited about Syd's gifts this year, but I will not able to reveal what they are until later. Let me just say that she is going to be the most stylish kid in Ukiah.

We will be spending the first two days with my family, which will consist of at least one golf game for the dudes. We will also have our annual Free gift exchange before we open gifts on Christmas eve. All year you save any items you got for free and then wrap them up and hope someone will want your crap! I've got a whole hodge podge this year, however John's is quite good.

On Christmas day we will head over to John's parent's house for the remaining two days. There I'm sure it will be a total mad house with the four nieces and nephew… PLUS Molly is bringing up her two dogs. So the family has grown by 4 this past year! I really can't wait to see the twins. We saw them last month before our trip, but I'm sure they've changed so much!

So is this way too long for a blog post? Are you guys so board there's blood streaming from your eyes? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Have a great Christmas!!

**Note: I will post more recent Christmas photos soon once they are downloaded. For now deal with the oldie!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


1,2,3... does this thing work? Well it looks like I have finally joined blogger land. It is true that I thought about starting a blog back in April when Jenna first told me about hers and Jay's. Lately I have been thinking about different things I would want to post (including photos). I took that as a sign that I would probably enjoy having my own blog! As most of you know, my grammar especially my spelling), isn't the best, so please don't let the errors bother you! Until next time...