Sunday, June 28, 2009

Despite what they say...

...smaller is better! That is right people! We finally did it! On our way home from Ukiah today we stopped in the bay area and picked up a new Mini Cooper! After 6 years we finally got our dream car and I still can't believe the cutie is ours! It really feels like we just drove it down here for someone and will be giving it up in a few days.

It was a tad stressful driving home making sure I wasn't going too fast since it is VERY easy to do, but it was also fun learning all of the new features. Oh!! And it even has seat warmers!! I am SO excited! Granted I didn't get to use them until the last 10 minutes since it was so hot during the drive, but it was awesome. I really wanted the warmers, but I knew I didn't have to have them. I was totally willing to sacrifice that feature to get a good deal, however I didn't have too! That was one reason I wanted this car because I knew it had them. Heck I guess it has a bunch of upgrades, but John knows more about them then I do. We saw this car a couple of weeks ago when we were in the bay area, and last week it was reduced by a grand and it was still there today for us to buy today. I definitely think it was meant to be.

Sorry the first two photos are in the dark but we didn't get home until 8:30pm. The only day time photo I have is at the gas station...but at least you can get a better idea of the color.

John's going to get insurance tomorrow, and then soon it will be time to get the custom license plate..any guess on what we are going to get?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Article of Intrest

The article titled 'When you have a Friend in Need' was posted in Good Housekeeping last month. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to read it. See if you can figure out who Molly's friend is. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What to Read

This is the stack of books on my nightstand (circa a month ago). Obviously I was not reading all of these books at the same time, so why are they on my nightstand you ask? Well it’s simple…part of the reason is that I like the majority of the books I read and I like to look at them occasionally to remind me how much happiness they brought me. The other reason is that I’m lazy. Its way easier to stack them vs. finding a spot in our over flowing bookcase. I do think the time has come to put them away though, because the stack is now two books higher and it has become a huge obstacle when I have to turn off my lamp. I can just see me having a dream where I’ve just crossed the finish line winning the Olympic 50 meter dash and knocking the books all over the place.

Just in case you were wondering about these books, I’ve written up mini descriptions for you. Hopefully some of you are in the market for a new book, and one of these will catch your eye.

Veil of Roses - Laura Fitzgerald
The first book on the stack was my most recent book club selection, and let me tell you it was SO good! It was about an Iranian girl who is sent to America for three months to find and marry a man so she can stay in the states. The main character is so likable and seeing America through her eyes is priceless.

Strawberry Cheesecake Murder – by Joanne Fluke
I bought this book in Kauai when we had some time we needed to kill before our flight, (and John needed a new book). When I was younger I loved reading the mystery stories by Christopher Pike and realized that I should start looking into reading more. Why deny myself? Once I saw this bright pink cover and found out that recipes were included in the story I was sold! Ok, not really, but the synopsis on the back did sound pretty good…a baker/detective? How could it be bad? It took me a few chapters to get into the story but once the murder happened I was hooked! I was able to relate to the main character and could see myself doing the same detective work, (minus the dead bodies of course). Apparently she has a TON of other books and I can’t wait to read some more. If you are looking for an easy light hearted read, then this is the series for you.

Loving Frank – Nancy Horan
This book was one of my book club selections and I really enjoyed it. I was a little hesitant when I started to read it since it was somewhat of a historical book, but it turned out to be very captivating. The story is about Franklin Lloyd Wright’s love affair with Mamha. It is amazing to know that the story is true as it has many ups and downs and a crazy ending. The only thing I knew about FLW was that he was an architect…and now I probably know too much.

Notes from the Backseat - Jody Gehrman
This book was given to me by Rebekkah after she read it and enjoyed it. I must say that I enjoyed it as much as she did! I would categorize this book along with The Shopoholic series. It’s an easy read about a girl, Gwen, who is on a road trip with her boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend/best friend. The story is told by Gwen as she is writing in a journal, (in the backseat), to give to her best friend. Gwen’s character is very likable and the situations she gets herself in are quite humorous. The end destination is in Mendocino, which is also where the author is from, so if you are familiar with that area it makes it even more fun to read. The author is actually a friend of a friend of Rebekkah’s and when I was at her house a few weeks ago I stole her other book off of Rebekkah’s nightstand. I have yet to start it, but it is now at the top of my book pile. It’s called ‘Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty’ and the main characters are named Amber and John! How could this book be bad?

Love, Medicine & Miracles - Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.
This book was given to me by one of my mom’s friends who has had quite a few bouts with skin cancer. The premise of this book is all about having a positive outlook when diagnosed with a serious health issue. Some of the facts about the benefits were really amazing, but what was better were the personal stories. For instance, most patients who believed they were going to die usually did vs. patients who believed they were going to live. I know some people may not believe in it, and even if you don’t, what harm can it do to think positively? It helps in all aspects of your life regardless if you are ill. I used to try very hard to be a positive thinker, (I haven’t been doing the best at it lately), and even found myself steering away from people who were negative. Negativity and complaints can really bring a person down. Regardless of your beliefs there are some really uplifting stories in the book, and if you know someone dealing with a medical issue I highly recommend you buy it for them.

It Sucked and then I Cried – Heather Armstrong

The book second from the bottom has been there since the beginning of April when Jen and I went to meet Heather in the Bay Area. I still can’t recommend this book enough…even if you don’t have kids. Her way of writing is humorous in itself despite the subject matter. She could write about paint drying and still make it entertaining…trust me.

The Christmas Sweater - Glenn Beck
I got this book from my dad at Christmas time after he and my mom both read it. As you can see it wasn’t really on the top of my priority list as it is on the bottom of the stack! However since this photo was taken it has been moved up to the top. I do remember getting about half way through it, but now I can’t remember if I finished it! That is not a good sign. Just because this wasn’t the book for me, doesn’t mean it might not be the book for you. It’s about this little boy’s life and how things just aren’t going his way. It’s a really quick read…or not read if you are like me.

As you can see I was on quiet the book reading roll last month and it was great! It’s rare for me to read so many good books in a row. It kept making me want to read more and more. However now I’ve been reading the same book for about a month and I still have about a 100 pages to go. The current book I am reading is for my book club and is called ‘The Spirit Catches you and you Fall Down.’ I think the tag line on the book sums up the story best: A Hmong child, her American doctors, and the collision of two cultures. The story about the Hmong family is really interesting…however over half of the book reads like a report on the Hmong culture and history. Most of it is very informative and important, but when I read I want to read a story. I don’t want to feel like I’m reading a history book…for fun. No thanks. I’m sure it will be a great book to discuss, I’m just having a hard time getting through it. My motivation is that I’m going to read the Triple Shot Betty book after I’m done. Is that bad?

Also next month my book club is meeting to pick our next round of books. So if any of you have any suggestions please leave a comment and let me know!

Monday, June 22, 2009

End of an Era

Whenever I travel somewhere I always like to get a key chain and magnet as a souvenir. So of course when I was in Kauai for my honeymoon I got a key chain. Not any key chain, but one with my name on it! How cool right? Well that key chain has been on my ring for the past 5.5 years, and let me say that it has seen better days. Not to mention the nice brown tint it started sporting.

Moving on...I was hoping to find the identical key chain on our most recent trip, but no such luck. Not to worry though...I did find this sweet Hawaii license plate one.

It was still hard for me to replace it, but it was looking a little gross. You’d think that when part of the 'A' and ‘R’ fell off that would have been the first sign that it needed to retire, but no way! I’m way too sentimental to get rid of something just because it looks a little worn. Maybe if it had broken in half I might have taken it off…but not before I would have tried to glue it together.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Game Day

Well I’ve officially completed my fist two weeks at my job, and I already feel like I’m back in the swing of things. I thought it would at least take 3-4 weeks but my life as a house wife feels like a distant memory. Sniff…sniff. I’m kind of amazed that I could block something I enjoyed so much out of my mind so quickly.

One thing I’ve noticed since being back at work is that I feel more independent and I feel like I have my own life (separate from John’s). I was totally immersed in John’s ‘work life’ since I didn’t have one of my own, and since our home was my life he was connected in it all. It actually feels weird to have something that isn’t shared with him.

It also feels great to be contributing to something. Now my daily tasks are really helping others. I know doing the laundry really helped John out, but this isn’t the same. Now I’m able to use my skills to help non-family members. How significant is vacuuming, laundry, and dishes vs. helping fellow employees land a huge job? House chores really seem insignificant now. I even think I prefer to do them on the weekends vs. everyday. It’s also amazing how all of the house work I did during a week can be condensed into just a weekend. Hmmmm what does that tell me?

Remember my previous post about being so busy this summer? Well this weekend was and will be my only one home in June. Thank goodness we didn't go anywhere. (We almost traveled down south to take a look at a mini, but it had been sold). We had a really great relaxing and productive weekend. Hopefully I'll have another one next month.

Included in this month’s events, John and I met up with my family to go to a Giants baseball game. One of the highlights was that before the game they honored the ’89 Giants team! I watched the most baseball in my life in 1989, (that’s right…when I was 12), and I actually knew more of the retired players then the current players on the team! I So sad…but let me tell you it was awesome to see all of the old players. I was so impressed with how many names I still had stored in my memory...I knew I saved it for some reason! Needless to say it was very exciting, and that was before the game even started!
As most of you know, one of the best parts about going to a professional game is the food! Let me tell you that having the garlic fries made my day. Let me rephrase that…watching the Giants WIN and eating garlic fries at the same time made my day. In fact they had their comeback right after I got my fries, and let me tell you it was very challenging to cheer for them whilst stuffing my face. I managed though.
Another highlight was getting to wear my new Old Navy orange turtle neck that I got for $2. I thought I would have to save it for fall, but I was wrong!
As we were heading out of the stadium with the masses we walked by a closing pretzel stand. John made a beeline over to the cashier and asked if he can have one of the pretzels for free. ‘Sure’ she says. SCORE! I couldn’t believe it!! She then offered us two after seeing my shocked/excited reaction. DOUBLE SCORE! Then out of the corner of my eye I saw theses two HUGE lemonade vats, so I threw all caution to the wind and asked if I could have some lemonade too. ‘Sure’ she said ‘If you have a cup.’ Wouldn’t you know it…we had saved 2 souvenirs beer cups! TRIPLE SCORE! There are few things in life that are exciting as getting free food.
On our walk back to the car we passed by the Marriott hotel, and I notice a group of people standing next to this huge bus that was parked on the curb. I then realized that the bus was full of the ’89 baseball players! Even though I could only recognize 5 of them I made John wait with me in hoping that Will Clark was going to walk off the bus. We did not see Will, but we did see Kevin Mitchell! I got my camera out and was going to take a photo of him, but then I thought that would be lame. I didn’t want a paparazzi shot of him. So instead I said ‘Excuse me Kevin, can I get a photo with you?’ His reply, ‘Sorry it’s been a long day.’ EXCUSE ME? WHAT DID HE JUST SAY? Did he really just turn me down? I just stood there in disbelief! Not once have I ever been turned down for a stalker fan photo. I was SO MAD! Maybe if Kevin didn’t want to be harassed he should have taken OFF his Giants jersey with MITCHELL on the back. Seriously…how often does he get asked for autographs and photos now days? What kills me is that Ernest Miles was walking in front of him, and I should have asked him. I know he would have been nicer. So I will confirm all those rumors back in the 80’s that Kevin is truly an a-hole.

It was a good thing John and I headed to our friend’s house in the east bay that night after the game, because that snub could have seriously wrecked my entire weekend! Lucky for us our friends were just starting up Rock Band when we got there, so we were able to rock out for the rest of the night. The night before we play the Metallica version, but this night we played all of their other songs. I couldn’t believe how many they had in their database…including No Doubt’s Singles album! Talk about awesome! I think we played until 2am…way too late for this new working girl…but it was totally worth it. I feel so lucky to have spent time with my family and friends during the weekend. We were only in town for 48 hours so it’s amazing that it was all able to work out. Now if we all didn’t have to work, we could play EVERY day. Sigh.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Instant Fashion Designer

Look what John and saw at Michael's today:
It's a personal screen-printing machine! How cool is this? One of the employees at Michael's even gave us a demo, and the end result looked pretty good. The image looked like one you would buy on a shirt in a store. Could you imagine making your own custom shirts? How cool would that be? It's very tempting. We will see if we are still thinking about it in a few days.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Who’s got the time?

How do my summer weekends get filled up instantly? Ok, so it wasn’t instantly, but I think it only took a month. In the beginning of May I thought, ‘Man! I only have 2 things planned all summer! This is great!’ Then a social calendar tornado from hell came out of no where and filled up my summer. It only took the month of May to fill up 3 months. How is that possible? Am I the only one this happens to?

Almost every weekend is full. Ok, not 100% full but close enough. I have something to do on every weekend in June, and July (minus one weekend…the 3 day weekend, which makes no sense).

My August is also rapidly filling up, however I’m trying to leave some open weekends because John’s friend (Jon) from NYC is supposed to be coming to CA that month. I emailed him a few weeks ago and have not received any word of his plans. This wouldn’t be an urgent matter, however I’m trying to coordinate a neighborhood garage sale in August, and I can’t set a date and then flake on it. How bad would that be?

I also just found out that my sister-in-law just got engaged (Yeah!) and she is hoping to be married in 3 months! Seriously. So now I’m wondering…am I going to have to fit in a bachelorette party and a bridal shower in the next three months? That should be no prob since I have so many available weekends right? Don’t worry, I’ve already emailed her asking about the plan. But does she know the answer…that is the question.

Even if she doesn’t it’s fine with me as she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how excited I am. I seriously thought my bridesmaid days were over. There is almost nothing better then being a bridesmaid, in my opinion. Granted I’ve only been in two weddings, but I had so much fun on those two days that I cannot wait to do it again.

Needless to say I feel honored that she asked me to be a part of her big day. Oh and guess who else is a part of the day? John…but not as a groomsmen…as the officiate! He says he won’t be nervous, but I don’t by his macho act. I am also praying that my Achilles will be healed. I really need to dance…I am seriously having withdrawals! Plus I don’t want to be limping down the aisle! How embarrassing!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sweet Name

Do you all remember the 'Other Amber Grundman' that I met via Facebook? Well since then she has become Amber Sweeney and just became a mom again on June 8th! I had to post this link to her announcement for two reasons. One she got some GREAT photos taken of her daughter, and I absolutely love the name. (Please note, that during her pregnancy she became highly engrossed in the Twilight series). Congrats to you and your family Amber!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Links to the Left

I finally got around to updating the blog links on the side of the blog. At first I only thought of posting blogs of people I knew, but after a second thought I said forget it. So I chose a few of my fave blogs that I stalk in addition to bloggers that I know. I would have liked to have listed ALL of the blogs I read but I've got about 150 in my reader and well...that would be excessive, right? If you have time, check them out!

Monday, June 1, 2009


What do you do when Bev Mo stops carrying your FAVORITE pina colada mix due to a misunderstanding regarding the CA redemption symbol?

You order 6 bottles online.


The End of the Boo Summer

Guess what happens with you can't sleep, it's 12:30am, and no one is on Facebook??? I blog. So shocking I know! I guess that is what it takes to get me to sit and type. Pathetic. John asked me the other day what one of my favorite hobbies was, and even though I was tempted to tell him 'spying on the neighbors' I told him blogging. Kind of sucks realizing how much I have been partaking in my 'favorite' hobby over the past few months.

I found out last week that I will be starting my new job in exactly a week. That is 10 month summer vacay is coming to an end. How sad is that? I've actually been thinking of writing a pros/cons entry about going back to work, but obviously I have not done it. Throughout my days I'd think of witty items to add to the lists, but I never wrote them down, and now my mind if blank. Let me see if I can muster up the few brain cells that are REFUSING to go to sleep.

I think I will start with the CON list since my thoughts have been more con than pro once I got my OSD, (Official Start Date).

- Losing my freedom (seriously...that is how I feel. Being able to go anywhere and do whatever you want everyday is really priceless.)
- My sleeping in days are OVER
- Laying out during the week will not be an option
- Having to shower EVERYDAY (You know I've reduced my showering to 3 days a week right?)
- Having to fix my hair EVERYDAY
- Not having Facebook access for 9 hours a day ( will I stay in touch?)
- Having to schedule all appointments around my lunch hour or after work
- Not having lunch with John everyday (especially now that his office is in Pismo)
- Not driving properties with John and not being able to go to Bako (something I never thought I would say...but they were fun trips!)
- Having a boss again is going to be like having a parent again (offense parents)
- Having 1 hour lunches
- Not being allowed to wear t-shirts and sweats all day
- Having a normal income (Yeah!)
- Giving my life a purpose other than laundry, cleaning and running errands
- Using my design skills on a regular basis
- Chance of making new friends
- Get to wear my cute work clothes again

As you can tell I'm a little negative about joining the work force again, which I know is CRAZY! How can I not be EXTREMELY excited for this job? I have been looking for work for the past 8 months and have only had two interviews! Who am I kidding? I just think the reality of working 8 to 5 is setting in. I am SO used to not know how it only takes a human 21 days to form a new habit? Well times that by 12!!! I'm surprised my 'not working' habit isn't permanent.

I really am thankful for this opportunity that was given to me. Had I run out of unemployment, with no job possibilities I would have been a total mess. I keep telling myself to be thankful for having the time off during my surgery...being able to go to Hawaii...being able to meet Dooce and seeing No Doubt on weekdays...visiting my out of town friends multiple times, but it's still hard. A lot harder then I thought it would be...especially when 3 months ago I was ready to head back to work. I was tired of being at home, and really missed it. Where are those feelings now that I need them? Darn.

As I've said before, I would love to be able to work part-time, because I do like to work. However after having this time at home, I have also realized that I don't mind doing chores around the house when I have the time. (Compared to dedicating your entire weekend to cleaning).

This final week of the Boo Summer is of course going to be jam packed. I'm heading to Sacramento on Wed. to visit with some friends and then over to Ukiah to visit with Rebekkah and her family. One last time while I am still a free woman. I also had big plans to wake up early (8am) and run some errands before my physical therapy appointment. However I have the feeling I'm going to need more than 7 hours of shut eye.