Friday, March 20, 2009

Is Anyone Out There?

Has it really been over two weeks since I posted? No way! I think this has been my longest down time...and I've been here...every day. I'm not sure what to blame it on. Maybe Facebook? It's not that I lack things to post about either. It seems that blogging just hasn't fit into my daily routine. I even have blogging on my 'to do' list with about 5 different topics to write about it. For example, a couple of weekends ago I had a great time in Napa with some old high school friends, and then this past weekend John and I went to Vegas. Even with great topics there is no motivation! I think one problem is that I dink around on the computer in the morning, and then realize in a panic that I have to get other things done around the house in the afternoon.

Speaking of which...I really shouldn't be on here right now. I've got a physical therapy appointment at 11am and I really need to get in the shower. I'd like to say I'd have time later this afternoon to post more, but I can't guarantee it. John's got his college buddies coming into town this weekend for his birthday and I still have some cleaning as well as some baking to get done.

I'll do my best to post again very soon!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Don't Trush Someone with Spikey Hair

I've had these photos and videos uploaded for a week, but for some reason I haven't had the time to sit and write up the compelling commentary. I also realized that I haven't posted all week and tonight is my last chance as I'm heading north tomorrow. So I hope you enjoy this speedy summary of the day we spent in Solvang for the timed trail.

As we headed to Solvang there were cars parked about a mile or more outside of the town. I could not believe the amount of people! I was really worried because there was no way I could have walked that far with my bad Achilles. I had John venture into town to see if we could find a spot, and lucky enough we found one a few blocks off of the main street! I was SO thankful.

We decided to stand just after the finish line to watch the racers. Here is John in his action ready pose.
Two hours later some nice ladies snuck in next to us and mentioned that you should never trust someone with spikey hair. Do you see the lady in the white shirt and sunglasses? That is who she was referring too.

After standing for an hour or so I decided I needed to rest my foot so I sat on the ground to make sure my place was saved. I could peak out behind the posters on the rails to see some of the riders coming in. Here was my video taking technique.
Across the way we saw this really cute baby!! Check out his riding suit!
One of the first big names that came in was George Hindcapie:
We later found out that the cute baby's dad was this guy:He held the baby on stage later and we saw it on the news.

Here is Lance riding in. It was so cool to see him. The crowd went CRAZY! John got this great photo too.

Here is Levi right after he crossed the finish line and won the timed trial. He knew he was on his way to a 3-peat, hence the three fingers he is holding up.
Here are a few videos that I took.
Lance riding in:

Levi finishing the trial:

After the race John noticed the Astana bus so we headed over to check it out. Right as we walked up a huge crowd of people walked away, so I thought I might have just missed seeing Lance. I decided to hang around anyway with a bunch of other people, and low and behold Lance came out of the bus!
I didn't have anything for him to sign, so I just took some photos and videos.

What killed me were all these middle aged women swooning over him! I couldn't believe it. A sex symbol? What about an awesome athlete? Reguardless it was pretty cool to see him signing autographs.

Overall the timed trail was great and made the waiting a lot more worth our time. Despite our awesome parking spot we wound up in two hours of traffic trying to get out of the town. We were very excited about it.