Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Final Countdown

Bonjour mes amis! We have reached the final countdown to our 'trifecta trois'!! After 9 months of planning and impatiently waiting our vacation of the year is right around the corner.

I'm hoping my 10 loyal readers appreciate the graphic above. As you 10 recall, I often make a graphic of the different places we will be visiting, so I had to make one for this trip!

Here is the the graphic I made for our Italy trip a few years ago.

Below is the first graphic I made for our first trip to Europe. This graphic is missing the specifics of our trifecta which were beer, cheese, and chocolate. I am thankful everyday that John read an article telling him to visit the benelux if you were a lover of those three delicacies.
I will do my best to blog while I am gone as a few of our hotels have free wi-fi, and I will have my phone, but I'm not making any promises. I do think Facebook updates might be a bit more common, but I'm going to have to play it by ear. Au revoir pour le moment!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Backyard Bunnies

This past weekend when John and I came home after biking downtown we noticed two little bunny buddies in our backyard! WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? They were so cute and you could tell they were having the best time on their adventure away from home. Gnawing on some grass, relaxing under the the Mini, it was like they were on a mini vacay or something!

We figured they had to be pets as they were pretty well groomed and not too scared of us. My biggest fear is that they would run out into the street and get hit by a car, however we had NO sort of bunny catching equipment. I thought maybe they might have been our back neighbors pets, so I cruised in their backyards looking for bunny cages and didn't find anything.

Luckily the owners, two of our neighbors, showed up a few hours later to take them home. They said that they often escape, but have never come over to our yard. (Normally they head East.) I asked them how they normally catch them and they said they just corner them and they surrender. Oh really? That sounds easy...yeah right! Some how John helped catch the black bunny and the ladies caught the white one.

Of course we had to get the Flip out to capture the crazy backyard bunny scene. Please enjoy!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lucky #7

Today is John and mine 7 year wedding anniversary! Before John and I head out to dinner I thought I would share a few random photos from the big day. I'm hoping I have not posted these before. (I only have a handful of wedding photos online, so there is a good chance these are repeats).

This first shot is of John and his buddies rocking out, with groupies Molly and Jessie as in the background.
Here is an awesome action shot, (that John's Aunt captured), of the bouquet toss.

The last photo of the night! (Note John's wedding ring that he flushed down the toilet a few years ago).
I'm hoping we will watch a bit of our wedding video tonight, but the 49ers are playing. However they are already losing, so maybe I won't want to watch the rest of the game when we get back from dinner. I don't want to be depressed on my anniversary!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

CP vs. Montana

Last weekend Cal Poly played the Montana Grizzlies who were ranked #1 in their division. They beat a team by 71 points the previous week in their season opener, so I was prepared that we might be leaving at half time depending on the score.

There were A TON of Montana fans in the crowd. The night before I had my book club meeting at a restaurant in town, and there was this huge table of old peeps who were wasted and singing songs. At first I thought they might have been a glee club. Near the end of the night they shared some cake with us and the one guy said 'Go Grizzles.' I was like 'excuse me?' Go mustangs!! Apparently the whole table was filled with Montana fans and they were singing old college songs! That should have tipped me off that there were going to be a lot of fans in town, but I didn't think there would be that many at the game. However I should have realized that of course they would want an excuse to go to California!

The team played pretty good and at half time it was 14 to 14. I could not believe how close our boys had kept the score! In the 3rd quarter Montana took a lead so we were fighting to catch up. Slowly but surely we gained on them which included this touchdown.

Montana got the ball back, and then two plays later we intercepted the ball for a TD!! 14 points in 18 seconds put us back in the lead. We barely held on to the lead for the rest of the game, but they did!!!!! Montana even had 3 different opportunities to score to take the lead, including a 2 point conversion that they missed, which would have tied it up.

We were SO excited that they won...and totally shocked! This game was just as exciting as when they played Sconnie two years ago, but this game had a way better ending.

Here is a celebration video:

Guess what Montana's ranking is now? 6th! CP dropped them 5 places! Poor dudes...but really they didn't deserve to win the game.

As John and I were riding high on the victory, on our bikes, John accidentally threw his chain ON A DOWNHILL! He was behind me and all I heard was 'BABE! BABE!' I didn't know what was going and and then I see him riding by me dragging his feet on the ground trying to slow down. He is SO lucky he did not crash. Right after his chain fell off his handle bars also bent forward, which makes it even more amazing that he did not crash. It's a good thing he is a self taught bike mechanic so he could fix the chain and we were able to make it home.

Our next football game is in 6 weeks as CP has 5 away games in a row. Luckily we won't be missing any when we are on our trip, which is now 12 days away!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm Batman

John enjoying his Flip cam.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Action Park

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but across the street from our house is a park...a very entertaining park I might add. We have seen everything from people playing boccie ball, soccer, croquet, to people doing yoga, meditating, hula hooping, juggling, slack lining, protecting, and even a dude doing parcour.

A few weeks ago there were quite a few bizarre events going on at the same time, so John decided to capture the action with the flip.

Right after he shot the video above, a dude in his car showed up and proceeded to take the cake with his actions in the car.

Monday, September 13, 2010

17 Days

John found this video of Anthony Bourdain talking about Paris. Enjoy.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

CP vs. Humboldt

Last weekend John and I went to Cal Poly's opening football game against Humboldt! How exciting is it that they were playing Humboldt? It was the first time they had played in 4 years (I think). We noticed there were two Sarvinski boys from Ferndale on the team, but I don't think they made the traveling squad (we didn't see them on the sidelines). We were hoping for some legit local boys on the team.
Cal Poly played really bad in the first half. Granted we didn't know if Humboldt was playing really good, or if we were playing really bad since it was the first game of the season. I found out later that Humboldt is a division below us, so apparently we were playing bad.

Side Note: It seems as though Humboldt is called the 'Jacks' now and not 'Lumberjacks.' What gives? That is lame.

Even though this is our 3rd year of being season ticket holders John and I were so excited for the first game of the season. One of the best things I saw in the beginning was this dude on the Humboldt sidelines:
Someone was totally pumped to catch some rays in SLO. Granted it is warm for maybe the first hour of the game, (at 6pm), but after that it gets really cold. However since this dude is used to the cold he was able to wear the tank top for the WHOLE game. Impressive.

Another interesting thing we saw was #18's awesome helmet holder. I think he should get a patent on it ASAP!
There were quite a few CP female students dressed in Humboldt shirts, (don't ask how we know they were local). Maybe they were from Humboldt but they didn't look like they still lived there if you know what I mean.

The Mustangs did pull out a victory in the end (thank goodness), and a good time was had by all...even the few hippies that made the trip from the HC.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3 Day Weekend

Here is a video I took of John this past Friday celebrating the fact that we had a 3-day weekend.

(He says that I am the only one who thinks this video is funny. Agree or disagree?)

Also HAPPY 42nd WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to my parents!

Monday, September 6, 2010

7 years - A Month Early

My 7 year anniversary with John is coming up this month, but we happened to give each other our big gifts a bit early. Don't blame me! It's all John, I swear.

We had talked about getting a new computer as my desk top is about 5 years old and SO slow, but I'm never the one to say 'Buy it!' Since John knows this about me, he decided to just buy it for me...hence the reason he gave it to me so early.
(Are you all following John on Twitter yet?)

As some of you know, John and I are heading to Europe next month and John has been talking about buying a Flip Video Camera for the trip. I kept telling him how both of our still cameras take video so we really didn't need it. However...I then realized how he looked at the camera as a toy as well. How could I deny him something he wanted so bad? At least it wasn't a $1000 Star Wars Lego.

I decided to view their website to check out the details. John had told me he wanted a mini cam and on their site I found out that you could upload your OWN PHOTO to the front of the camera. Flip cam? SOLD!!!!

What would be the best photo to put on the camera? How about a photo collage of some of the places we've traveled together?
I do have a legit reason of giving John the camera early. On his to do list he had 'Buy Flip'. Seriously. There was no way I was going to risk him spoiling my surprise!

I decided to tape John ask I gave him the gift. I didn't really get the reaction I wanted, as he was a bit shocked to see the photos on the camera.

The 7th anniversary traditional gift is copper, so in a few weeks we will be exchanging those gifts. I'm not sure how John will like this gift as the 'practical' copper I gift was discontinued. We will see!