Monday, May 25, 2009

Sleep Please

So much to blog about and so little time. Seriously...looks like I will be back in the work force soon, although I have yet to know the actual start date. The offer letter said my start date would be June 15th, but my friend who works there would like me to start as soon as the IT guys sets up my computer. That is fine with me if she knew when that was. I know it's not her fault, but I'm just hoping for at least a few days notice. My preference would be to start on the 8th...who wouldn't like an extra week?

I feel utterly exhausted from this past weekend. (Although I know it's an accumulation of the time in Humboldt and the rest of last week). I have been going full speed for the last few weeks and I think it's caught up with me. Lucky for me my awesome husband told me I should go get a massage so I obeyed him and made an appointment for tomorrow!!

We had a great visit with the Steinbuck's for our annual Memorial Day Weekend reunion. I think the two kiddos are even more work then they were last year. I blame that and the fact that I am a year older to why I am so pooped. Even John is feeling it despite his two rounds of golf. When we got home today he laid down on the couch and within 10 minutes the dude was asleep!

We didn't do too many monumental things this past weekend, but we were going nonstop. Rebekkah and I did get in some awesome shopping just like the good 'ole days. I always forget how much fun I have when we shop together, and now we are so good we can even do it with both girls in tow.

We hit up the Carter's outlet in Pismo which was a necessity for me since I had to buy baby clothes for four babies. I still can't believe how much cuter clothes are when they are miniature. I really wanted to buy everything in the store.

We also found some killer deals at Old Navy. Their big sale was $1 flip flops which everyone was buying...except me. The checkout lady looked at me like I was crazy, and I was like 'listen lady...the plastic flip flops hurt my feet. I need cloth. I can't help it if I'm a flip flop snob. Your sale brought me into your store right?' Well I didn't go into that much detail, but she understood my point. I'm still in shock over the mark downs. I got a bunch of shirts for $2 and a sweater for $3! Then I saw some shirts for $9 and they were way too expensive for my price range. You really can't compete with $2. I even found found a new pair of dress pants that were labeled $29 and got rung up for $9! Don't you love it with that happens? I know I really didn't need any new work clothes, because a wise woman, (Molly Alice Atkinson), once told me that one of the best things about starting a new job is that your existing wardrobe turns into a brand new one since none of your co-workers have seen your clothes before. She is one smart cookie I tell ya!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Hey all. I've dropped off the face of the earth, and now I'm back! What an incredible journey it was! Who am I kidding? I have no idea why I haven't been blogging. I thought I would have gotten back into the swing of things after my Maui entry, but apparently not. Of course these next two weeks are going to be TOTALLY busy which makes me think I really will have no time to blog. I so badly want to be the blogger I used to be. To at least blog once a week. That is really not much to ask...I know this.

On Tuesday John and I are heading up to Humboldt to visit the families and to go to Maddy's first communion. I can't wait! We will get 4 whole days to spend with everyone, (2 with each family). Normally we never get to take long trips up north other than Christmas so this is a real treat.

The following week will also be crazy because on Wednesday John and I will be heading over to Bakersfield to see No Doubt. Let me just say that I CANNOT WAIT! After seeing them 10 times this 5 year break as not been enjoyable. I believed them when they said they were just 'taking a break,' but I never knew if I was actually going to get to see them in concert again.
I am also a member of their fan club, which allowed me to purchase tickets first so we have great seats. How sweet is that? I have to show ID once I get there to pick up the tickets from will call, which allows people just wanting to resell the tickets to not be able to purchase them. I haven't had good seats to one of their concerts ever since the online ticket selling became so huge, so I am really excited.

They are even having a special chance to 'meet No Doubt' before the concert for the fan club members. However it could cost $2,000 minimum, (which they would donate to charity.)

Am I considering this?
Do I know it is CRAZY?
Do I care?
Does my husband care?
Is he trying to let practically take over this situation?

I'm really trying to figure out how I can swing the $2,000 for the meet-n- greet, but so far I've got nuttin. The auction ends on Tuesday so that gives me 48 hours. I'd like to try to use my cancer card first, but that would only work if I had some sort of terminal cancer. I know, I know...that is a horrible thing to think of, but I'm really starting to feel desperate!

Anyway, after the concert it will then be time the Grundbuck Reunion '09. Rebekkah and her family will be paying us a 5 day visit over Memorial Day weekend, and I can't wait! They are actually moving to Georgia in July for two years while Adam gets his masters degree. (More on that later).

All you need to worry about is helping me come up with a plan to A) Convince John to let me bid on the auction, and B) where to come up with the cashola. Should I start collecting donations? Selling my furniture? Sell my car? HELP!