Thursday, August 28, 2008


Hey all! I'm still here. I'm sure you probably thought I fell off the earth...well I almost decided to take a leap two weeks ago when I got laid off from my job. In July our company's product did not get recommended for approval to the FDA, which was pretty devastating. We knew we had funding until Sept., so I thought for sure I'd have a job until next month. I wasn't that lucky. Thirteen people got laid off...a big number when we only had 30 something employees. It's pretty heartbreaking because I really loved my job. I don't understand why I always get laid off from jobs I like. (The first time I got laid off was 3 years ago from another job I loved). I'm very curious to know what the future holds for me. Hopefully something good.

I actually feel MORE busy now that I'm not working then when I was. I know! So crazy right? Well I had a few freelance projects to work on last week, and then I had to get started on my resume. It was really outdated and needed a complete face lift. Let me give you all a tip...right now at your current job, make sure you get your job description. I had saved my last few job descriptions and it made writing my resume SO much easier. I changed formats to having descriptive sentences about my past jobs, vs. just bullet points. Next I've got to get crackin' on my portfolio and website. They also haven't been updated in about 3 years!

I've also become John's assistant. Well not really, but a partial co-pilot. Last week I went over to Bakersfield with him to check out some of his foreclosed properties. I've got a few good photos to post...some hideous paint jobs, a few bugs, just the norm in his market. We did get to have dinner with his Aunt and his cousin joined us for some ice cream afterwards. It's always great to see them. We might be heading over again next week. John's job is totally awesome. It doesn't even seem like a job. I'm so glad he likes it.

I finally heard back from my doctor's office today and it looks like I might have my next body scan in 3 weeks. I'm going to see if I can get it moved up at least a week. I'm tired of waiting and I'd like to get this first round of tests done. Even though nothing more would happen before October I'd still like to have to stop thinking about it.

I still have a whole list of things to blog about, but finding the time has been more than difficult. I totally thought I'd have all this lounging time where I'd get to blog 24/7. I mean what a dream right? Man was I wrong! Well I have had time to start the Twilight book series. Finally right? So far so good, I'll keep ya posted.

I finally got the few photos I took from the A's game two weeks ago. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Take Me Out

This past weekend we headed up north for our 4th summer baseball game in Oakland. It was pretty fun, but the A's LOST which totally wrecked our home team winning streak. Total bummer. The score was only 2 to 1 too! Talk about boring. I guess the A's have been playing really bad ever since the all-star game. So bad that there were tons of empty seats I couldn't believe it. The crowd also didn't seem to be that into it. It was the most unusual baseball atmosphere I had ever experienced. It seemed like all the fans were just going through the motions. I think we only heard one fan around here even yell, and it wasn't even at the players!

One highlight was that we met my dad and uncle there along with one of John's collage buddies. You can't really go wrong when you are in good company, so it wasn't a total bust. (Photos to come).

Are you wondering how this is our 4th baseball game of the summer when I've only told you about one? Well sorry about that... I have been slacking. The truth is I didn't want to post the photo of me wearing a Dodger visor! I know isn't that awful? I mean isn't that awful that I had to wear a visor? I really didn't have a choice since John did wear a giants at at the giants game, and I did post that photo on here for the Internet world to see.

We saw the Dodgers in June and it was a very exciting game. They played the Cubs and were behind the whole game, but then had a great comeback and won. It was a REALLY hot day there, which caused us to have the constant sweats. (Hence the shiny faces).

We also had a great group of friends with us...Maggie, Sarah V., John's sister Molly and her BF Michael. Michael said that he had never been to a baseball game where the home team didn't win. I was totally doubting him the whole game, but the Dodgers pulled it out, so I had to give him some credit in the end.

Since the game was a few months ago I don't remember that much, besides the heat, but I do remember these totally dunk/obnoxious Cubs fans that were behind us. Of course due to their obnoxiousness it just made me cheer louder for the Dodgers. Totally unheard of I know.

Last month we headed back down to LA to see the Angels play. Once again we went with Molly and Michael, and our friend Ben. Again it was a close game and the Angles came back to beat the Red Sox. The crowd was SO into the game and it was sold out. Talk about the total opposite crowd compared to the A's game! This game was really hot too, but luckily we were only in the sun for about a half an hour. The stadium there was really nice, but the section we sat in was REALLY steep. There was hardly any leg room.

Since the Angles were losing, Molly, Michael, and Ben decided to put on their rally caps and it totally worked!

On the way home I totally scored by talking Michael into stopping off at Krispy Kreme for a donuts!! I was SO excited!!! Can you tell? Total heaven I tell ya.
John totally snapped these photos of the front seat eaters chowing down as well.
All we have left this summer is the Padre game in two weeks. We will be heading down south on Labor day weekend and I can't wait! I've never been to the Padre stadium and I hear it is really nice. I've been to San Diego once...maybe twice? No I think it was just once for a family vacation and I really liked it. John has never been there so I can't wait to show him around...of the two places I remember! I think our family vacay was in 1996. My my most vivid memory were these shaved ices that we got in Mission Beach. So I am definitely taking John there. I also think we will try to go to the Zoo and cruise the gas light district. Do any of you travel there often? I'm always open to restaurant or hotel recommendations.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sad Purple Cocktail Dress

I know I'm almost a week late with this review, but at least it's posted before this Wednesday's episode airs! Just think of this as helping you get pumped for tomorrow's episode. Maybe I will post the next review on Monday...if you are lucky.

Last weeks challenge for Project Runway was awesome!! But due to the fact that only 2 designers had ever even watched the Olympics before, the results were crap.

This week’s challenge was to create a look for a female athlete to wear for an opening ceremonies for a summer Olympics. What a unique challenge! What was even better was that Apolo Ohno was the guest judge! He is one of my all time favorite Olympic champions. Good personality…good looks…good skater = the perfect trifecta!

I was totally excited to see what the designers were going to come up with...until the models started heading down the runway. I don’t think there has ever been a challenge in PR history where the designers were so off base. This competition was meant to challenge the designers and force them to think outside of their small minded boxes. Over half of them created cute little dresses that you would wear to a cocktail party. No joke. Most of the designers who had the color scheme down didn't have any athletic association.

Let’s start with the first, second and third place designs. On the far left is the winner. How plain is that outfit? I was not impressed. Plus the designer made almost the same pant suit last week. She won’t be able to get away with that much longer.

I really liked the second place look and thought it totally looked like an Olympic outfit…trendy, professional, and a little gaudy due to the color scheme.

I LOVED the skort idea. How perfect is that for an athletic woman? It gives off the feeling of being dressed up, but it’s totally practical! I think had the skort been a little shorter, and possibly a bit more stylish, (meaning no pleather), I think this design would have won.

Did you think these two outfits were in the bottom two? They should have been right? Well they weren’t! I know! I don’t even know what to say about the black outfit. I think one designer summed it up by saying it was something you would see at a Goth rave. Who would pick all black for the main color, and then make it skin tight? If you couldn’t tell, the rocker chick designed this piece.

The white 80’s retro number was designed by none other than Tan Man. It’s just too plain and 80’s for me. It’s way too blah to not be in the bottom three. I really do think these were two of the worst pieces. I’m so worried that the producers are keeping them on there just for their personalities.

Here are the bottom two designs. Granted...the matronly outfit on the left is cute and well done but totally not for the Olympics. Unless there was a tea party event. The judges gave this designer one last chance to prove herself in this challenge and she failed.

The outfit on the right is just straight HIDEOUS! Maybe if she didn’t have the hat, and if the skirt wasn’t high wasted it would be ok, but with the addition of those leggings it just turned horrid!

These are actually two of my favorite designs. I love the idea of having cute little hot pant shorts! I think they would be very flattering on the Olympians. I also really like the funky striped collar. I thought it was a very creative idea to incorporate the accent colors. I would like to see the shorts being a different color to add a little more excitement to the outfit though.

What I like most about the piece on the right is the cute bubble skirt, however it is WAY too short. I think if it was longer it could totally work. Too bad this wasn’t a group competition. Speaking of which, I think tomorrow’s episode is a group challenge! Sweet!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Look Out Below!

So I must eat my words and give Molly some props, because after her FABULOUS weekend here in SLO, she was finally inspired to blog! Now I won't say anything here on my blog about her entry, as I gave her my 2 cents in my comment.

I have one more photo for you..this is one of Steph's photo of the egg toss in action!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'll Have What She's Havin'

This weekend was just FABULOUS and a huge part to the fabulousness was due to Molly coming to visit! It had been way too long since she had been in SLO town. She really posses all of the great qualities of a house guest. She's flexible, relaxed, game for whatever, opinionated when needs be, always in good spirits, likes to eat, takes showers, wears cute clothes, leaves the toilet seat down, and is always ready for a good time. If there are any other good characters, trust me, she's got them.

One of the main reasons she came down from Sac this weekend was to attend my friend Steph's party, Atascapalooza! I must say that this year was the best year yet. (This was my third year attending). Hans once again had a GREAT BBQ with tri-tip and hot dogs, and there were plenty of good side dishes as well. I was able to make my award winning fudge, and John made some bred pudding cupcakes which were also a hit.

Molly, Steph and I
The Drexler's also hired the same three man polka band as they did last year, and I must say that they are a fabulous addition to the party. They play great hits from the 70's, 80's, and 90's, but with a polka sound. As John said, 'I never knew the accordion was to versatile!'

Here is John and Molly rocking out to 'Fight for your right to Party.' I actually missed Molly singing the chorus, but there is still some sweet rockin'.

They also played 'Roll out the Barrels,' which I don't know if I've ever heard before, but John and Molly totally knew the words! I don't know if it was a Town School thing or what, but I was totally out of the loop.

Molly also liked the drummer. She did some detective work but found out that he was married. Total bummer, but that didn't stop her from dancing to him.
Another highlight this year was the Atascapalooza Olympics. There were three events: egg toss, bean bag toss, and hay rolling. When John and I signed up we saw that Steph was signed up with her sister and that Hans didn't have a partner. We told Molly that she would be the perfect partner for Hans so she signed herself up with him without even asking. It was pretty funny, but Hans was glad has he didn't even know that his wife wasn't going to be his partner.

The first competition was the egg toss. I was pretty excited, but I don't think I had ever need in an egg toss before! Eek!! Once we started I started getting so competitive! I wanted to win so badly that my heart was beating really fast and I was totally breaking a sweat! It was just a stinkin' egg toss and I was acting like I was in China going for the gold! Did I think I was Shawn Johnson or something?

I guess my concentration paid off, because John and I did win! I was totally shocked! I actually think our egg had an extra thick shell, because a couple of times the eggs landing was not so soft.

Before I had a chance to get a photo of our winning egg, John had already smashed it. The winners and their poor little egg:
Later we noticed some sidewalk chalk for the kids, so John encouraged Molly to show us her artistic skills:
Now get your minds out of the gutter! She is drawing a flower! Can't you tell from the look on her face?

After Molly honed her skills she discovered a tiny briefcase near a teenie tiny chair, and decided to check the scene. What did she find? A boccie ball set!
Here's just a cute photo of Molly and I laughing. No story behind it.
Another exciting event was the cowboy boot pinata. Do you see something wrong with this photo?
Are you wondering why that giant is standing near all those hobbits?
That is right...he was in the line for the pinata! Look how much taller he is! Check out my added white line...most of the munchkins are only as tall has his waist. At least he was blind folded. Here is a video of gigantor in action. Notice two things...the dog...and who gets the most candy.

Did you see who got the candy? Just in case here is a still shot for you:
Can you believe he was in there fighting with the ewoks for it? Granted he did knock the thing down, but still...all of the little mini mes deserve a lollipop!

A little later in the night Molly spotted a gnome in the camp site, who was sporting two glow bracelets. I assume he just returned from a rave? Anyway Molly decided to go visit with the guy and see if he wanted to go home with her. She only got about 10 feet away with the little guy when we hear an eruption of 'Hey! That lady is stealing our gnome!' I guess she wasn't as sly as she thought she was. They totally looked offended of the attempted thievery and promptly took him back. At least we made off with the little guys glow bracelets.
We never got around to completing the last two events of the Olympics, so guess who was crowed the champions?
That is right! Here is John getting awarded his medal. However do you see what is going on in the background? Do you see who is back there throwing up the peace sign with a GOLD MEDAL around her neck? That is right folks! Molly totally stole one of the medals, and was running around saying that she and Hans won...even though they were the bronze medalists! I swear...the things some people do for a little glory.

I realized that after we got home we did not get a final photo of the champions, so we had to get one last shot when we got home.John and Molly then played a bit of joint guitar hero to round out the night. here they are getting pumped!

I can't thank Molly enough for coming down this weekend. It was such a great, fun, and lazy weekend, which I totally needed. Thanks Mols!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

See Through

This week I got a chest x-ray done, which is just standard procedure and it didn’t show anything unusual. That is good, although I didn’t think they would find anything despite my nightmare of them finding a large mass. I love my subconscious. I don’t know what I would do without it giving me such pleasant nightmares.

Anyway I was paranoid that I would have to get naked for it, but one of my co-workers reminded me that x-rays see through our skin. Duh! Like they couldn’t see through my clothes? I still had to put on a hospital gown, but I didn’t care as long as I wasn’t standing in the buff!

The x-ray was really cool because after it was taken it showed up digitally on their computer. The tech pointed out my heart and lungs, and it was also neat to see my ribs. I was able to see all of that from the first photo they took, and then the second one was of my side, which allowed me to see my spine. That really intrigued me to actually look at my spine. My discs looked cute and in place. I’ve seen so many different spines at work, that it was neat to see my own. I think I’m going to call the radiology dept and see if I can pick up the films. Although I would much rather have a print out of the images vs. the films since I don’t have a gigantic light box at home. Maybe I can add that on to John’s ‘honey do’ list!

What's next? Well I’m still waiting to hear from my doctor’s office when the first scan will be scheduled. I’m hoping it will be in two weeks.

My friend Maggie sent me this cool site called Light Of Life Foundation which is a Thyroid Cancer awareness site. However I think their domain name is cooler than their actual name. It’s Sweet huh? They have all sorts of info on there. One of the most interesting things I learned is that thyroid cancer has the fastest raising rates among cancers in the U.S. Who knew? They also have a group on Facebook that I joined and it was amazing to read different posts from people who have been diagnosed. There were people of all ages, and all different degrees of severity.

I also want to thank everyone for their kind words and support. I didn’t realize it until the other day that having such good friends really does make this easier. Even though there isn't anything life threatening going on, it's still unpleasant. I’m really glad I decided to share all the details with you all, as I know some people choose not to, (with their own health issues).

I hope you all have a great weekend. My 'party girl' friend Molly is coming down to go to Atsacapalooza this weekend. That’s right Molly…I linked to your blog…now you better post a new entry ASAP as you know all of my viewers do not want to read your old entry from LAST JUNE!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Sorry for the delay in this update, but it’s actually good that I waited to write this update. It seems like every time I talk to my dr. the plans change. It’s actually getting really frustrating, because I prepare myself for ‘x’ and then ‘y’ takes place with the new plan.

I have a ton of social stuff planned for the next month and a half and these appointments could really affect them. Seriously! Talk about cramping my style. For example, I first thought I'd have to go off my thyroid medication for the first test, which is a neck scan. That would have caused some major planning and rescheduling of certain events. However when I talked to my dr. yesterday it seemed like the best plan would be for me not to go off my meds for the first scan.

Let me back up a bit. For all of the tests/scans I need, I either need to get 2 thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) shots, or go off my meds. The more thyroid hormone in my body, the easier it will be to detect the tissue/cells. With the shots, I get a huge dose of TSH instantly. However the shots are $2000 a pop, and most insurances don’t cover that cost because patients don’t really have to have them. They know that the patients have the option of going off their meds, and that people don’t want to feel like crap so they will fork over the cash for the shots. Real nice eh? Last year when I needed the shots before my radiation treatment John's insurance did cover the cost. Now we are on my insurance and they don't want to pay for them as well.

Going off your meds takes a lot longer and the result is that is slows your body way down. By going off the meds, my hormone levels would decrease, causing the pituitary gland in my brain try to work really hard in contacting any thyroid cells in my body to start producing the missing hormone.

I first thought I would be able to go off my meds, (save the cash), and be able to have both of my tests/scans back to back. I later found out that that won’t work because the radiologist my dr. needs to work with is out of town for a month. My doctor was afraid it might take an extra week to schedule both appointments and he didn’t want me off my meds for that long.

Before I knew that I was trying to figure out when would be a good time to go off my meds. Ummm maybe like in November? I’m going to be traveling most of the weekends in August and it was going to be really tricky to try to figure it out without being a total downer. Results of not having enough THS in my system are as follows:

· Feeling tired, weak, or depressed. - Like I need another thing to make me more depressed?
· Dry skin and brittle nails. - My nails are weak as is! How could they get any weaker?
· Not being able to stand the cold. - This shouldn't be that bad since I'm used to being cold.
· Constipation. - Why do my thyroid issues have to do with my bum? They should in no way be related!
· Memory problems or having trouble thinking clearly. - Eh...this wouldn't phase me.

After I started to adjust my plans around being off my meds, I then found out that the best move would be to get the shots for the first scan. For the first scan (radioactive iodine uptake test), I will take a small dosage of radiation, 5 millicuries, (I had 75 millicuries for my radiation last year), and then they will scan my neck to see if the area looks ‘hot’ or ‘cold.’ I had this same test last year when they were trying to figure out if it was cancer.

If the test comes back positive then I will have a 150 millicury dosage of radiation.

If the test comes back negative then I will have a Positron Emission Tomography scan (PET). I will need this scan to help locate where the thyroid tissue is. If it doesn’t show up in the neck scan, then it must be somewhere else in my body. For this test I will again need to either get more shots or go off my meds. I hope I will be able to go off my meds for this scan.

I will also be getting my blood work done again after the neck scan. My test first blood test result should have been around a 0.1, but it was 36. 32 is the normal result for someone who has a thyroid, so I can see my doctors concern. I’m hoping that the neck scan and the new blood work will show up negative.

It also looks like I will probably have the PET scan or radiation after our trip in October. That is bummer because I’d really like to be done with all of these tests before we leave, but my doctor doesn’t seem to be in that big of a hurry. He says as long as we get all the tests done within 3-4 months it will be fine.

I guess it’s ok because the only social event I have on the calendar after our trip is our Halloween party. Granted it would stink if I felt like crap for it, but oh well. Maybe the timing will work out. Could that be? Could something actually work out in my favor?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Eat you.

My first silver lining of the week was of course Project Runway! I thought last week's episode was ok, but not anything to write home about…or write on your blog for that matter. Just kidding! I just didn't feel like there was a real exciting moment this week, unless you consider Tan Man giving cutie Rock-a-Billie chick the stare down! What the crap was that? Rock-a-Billie is totally minding her own business, sewing away like a good little busy be, when all of the sudden she looks up and sees THIS face staring back at her!

He is SO creepy! You know am I starting to wonder if he really is normal, and it's all editing. Maybe he was just having fun? All I know is that I would be pissed if the PR producers were editing me to look like a weirdo. Anyway, whatever type of spell he put on her with those eyes totally worked to her advantage because she won the challenge this week! Yeah for her! She is so cute! Here is her winning dress:

At first I wasn't so sure about this, but the more I see it, the more I like it. I like the funkyness of it being a 50's/80's combo, and you know I'm a fan of purple. To me the purple fabric sets off the funky fabric just enough, so it's not overwhelming.

Here is the second runner up was the reserved girl from last week who created the ugly brown dress. I really would have liked for her to win as well because she had such a bad week before.

I bet you are wondering what the challenge was right? Oops! Just a minor detail I looked over. Each contestant was to go around NYC at night and take some photos that represented NYC at night. Then they were to select one photo and design a dress inspired from the image. I thought this challenge was ok. No really that exciting.

The rainbow dress on the left was made by Emily, who got the boot. I felt bad for her, but it was her own fault for not listening to Tim Gunn when he gave her feedback. These designers are driving me crazy! I wonder if that will be the downfall to all of the contestants this season.

The dress on the right, which looks SO SIMILAR to Emily’s was from Tan Man. I couldn’t believe he wasn’t in the bottom 3.

Two other designs that I was shocked were not in the bottom, were these two:

How boring is a one piece all black jumpsuit? So lame, and way too safe. Guess who made the outfit on the right? That is right, rocker lady. How hideous is that?

It will be interesting to see how long she lasts designing outfits that all look the same. Nina and Michael will get board soon. They always do.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hit Me!

As it continues to rain cats, dogs, penguins, tigers, elephants, trucks, and tanks, I thank the lord that I had two silver linings this week. First it was Project Runway, (recap coming soon), and second was my monthly book club meeting!

This month the group read a book I had suggested, (which John suggested to me), called 21: Bringing Down The House. The book was really good and I even finished it in like 4 days! Let me tell you that I don't think I have ever finished a book that quick before.

As some of you may know, there was also a movie made from the book that my sister-in-law worked on. I have yet to see it, but I have only heard bad things about it. I know! I'm so disappointed, because the book was so good that you think they could have pulled off a good screen adaptation.

Last month Jen hosted the meeting and it had a great India theme to great that it inspired me to have a Vegas/casino theme for our meeting. I found some really great, and cheap, party supplies online and also made some cute cupcakes.

Even since I added this cupcake blog to my reader I have been so inspired! You would not believe the things people do with cupcakes now days. I had never even thought to use my cake decorating tips on cupcakes...duh! Also, why not decorate each cupcake differently? Who says they all have to look the same?

Here was the end result:
This photo also includes the hurricane drinks John made that were a tad too strong, so they had to be blended. I don't know what he was trying to do to my fellow club members! I think he was trying to make them have a meeting they really would forget!

Here is a close up:
As you can tell I also do not have one of those fancy cupcake holders, which I was disappointed about, but my three tiered stands that I use for my fondue fountain worked perfectly!

After we ate and discussed the book, it was then time to test out blackjack skills! I really wanted to see what the ladies had learned after reading the book, so I tried to make the game as professional as possible. That of course required me to hire a professional dealer.
We had tons of fun playing, and Stephanie totally kicked our buts by doubling down and winning both hands. (I even had a Vegas themed gift for her.) I'm hoping all the ladies had as much fun as I did. It was a much needed pick me up after the last few weeks!