Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sad Purple Cocktail Dress

I know I'm almost a week late with this review, but at least it's posted before this Wednesday's episode airs! Just think of this as helping you get pumped for tomorrow's episode. Maybe I will post the next review on Monday...if you are lucky.

Last weeks challenge for Project Runway was awesome!! But due to the fact that only 2 designers had ever even watched the Olympics before, the results were crap.

This week’s challenge was to create a look for a female athlete to wear for an opening ceremonies for a summer Olympics. What a unique challenge! What was even better was that Apolo Ohno was the guest judge! He is one of my all time favorite Olympic champions. Good personality…good looks…good skater = the perfect trifecta!

I was totally excited to see what the designers were going to come up with...until the models started heading down the runway. I don’t think there has ever been a challenge in PR history where the designers were so off base. This competition was meant to challenge the designers and force them to think outside of their small minded boxes. Over half of them created cute little dresses that you would wear to a cocktail party. No joke. Most of the designers who had the color scheme down didn't have any athletic association.

Let’s start with the first, second and third place designs. On the far left is the winner. How plain is that outfit? I was not impressed. Plus the designer made almost the same pant suit last week. She won’t be able to get away with that much longer.

I really liked the second place look and thought it totally looked like an Olympic outfit…trendy, professional, and a little gaudy due to the color scheme.

I LOVED the skort idea. How perfect is that for an athletic woman? It gives off the feeling of being dressed up, but it’s totally practical! I think had the skort been a little shorter, and possibly a bit more stylish, (meaning no pleather), I think this design would have won.

Did you think these two outfits were in the bottom two? They should have been right? Well they weren’t! I know! I don’t even know what to say about the black outfit. I think one designer summed it up by saying it was something you would see at a Goth rave. Who would pick all black for the main color, and then make it skin tight? If you couldn’t tell, the rocker chick designed this piece.

The white 80’s retro number was designed by none other than Tan Man. It’s just too plain and 80’s for me. It’s way too blah to not be in the bottom three. I really do think these were two of the worst pieces. I’m so worried that the producers are keeping them on there just for their personalities.

Here are the bottom two designs. Granted...the matronly outfit on the left is cute and well done but totally not for the Olympics. Unless there was a tea party event. The judges gave this designer one last chance to prove herself in this challenge and she failed.

The outfit on the right is just straight HIDEOUS! Maybe if she didn’t have the hat, and if the skirt wasn’t high wasted it would be ok, but with the addition of those leggings it just turned horrid!

These are actually two of my favorite designs. I love the idea of having cute little hot pant shorts! I think they would be very flattering on the Olympians. I also really like the funky striped collar. I thought it was a very creative idea to incorporate the accent colors. I would like to see the shorts being a different color to add a little more excitement to the outfit though.

What I like most about the piece on the right is the cute bubble skirt, however it is WAY too short. I think if it was longer it could totally work. Too bad this wasn’t a group competition. Speaking of which, I think tomorrow’s episode is a group challenge! Sweet!


Nathan and Emily said...

Feel free to steal anytime! Wow! Props on the project runway breakdown! I had no idea you were such a fashionista! I spent way to long drooling at Jimmy Choo's on Friday. To bad I had to leave empty handed, sigh.

Nathan and Emily said...

P.S. Did you see Holland's outfits for the opening ceremonies? Barff o rama! That is someone who is out!

Sarah said...

Did you happen to catch Tan Man's whine-fest about how he needs to tan? I think his brain is fueled by the UV rays. Without them his brain deteriorates and goes back in time. He thought he totally had the right look for this challenge because his mind is now stuck in 1981. Get that man some bronzer STAT!

I'm so glad Jennifer is gone because in my head she and Leanne were the same person. Dull and mousy. They wouldn't have 2 of those on 1 show so they had to be the same person. This makes it easier for me.

Drag queen Cher impersonator had that stupid belly button cut out on her black track suit. Ridiculous. She's lucky they didn't put her in the bottom 3 where she belonged.

Did you see Terri's model? I'm not sure if the tube top was too low or if there was fabric higher up, but it looked like her boobs (what little she has) were popping out the top. I doubt America would show it's pride in our Olympic athletes by making them show their tatas. But I've been wrong before.

Mauleigh said...

Well! I'd have to say I've been waiting for this blog!!
Anyway, this episode I noticed how old Gunn's hands are looking and when the winner went to the green room to celebrate her win, was I the only one that noticed that the ribbons that hang your dress on the hanger were hanging out? Maybe I need to watch more PR to figure out what those things are called in the biz...