Thursday, August 7, 2008

See Through

This week I got a chest x-ray done, which is just standard procedure and it didn’t show anything unusual. That is good, although I didn’t think they would find anything despite my nightmare of them finding a large mass. I love my subconscious. I don’t know what I would do without it giving me such pleasant nightmares.

Anyway I was paranoid that I would have to get naked for it, but one of my co-workers reminded me that x-rays see through our skin. Duh! Like they couldn’t see through my clothes? I still had to put on a hospital gown, but I didn’t care as long as I wasn’t standing in the buff!

The x-ray was really cool because after it was taken it showed up digitally on their computer. The tech pointed out my heart and lungs, and it was also neat to see my ribs. I was able to see all of that from the first photo they took, and then the second one was of my side, which allowed me to see my spine. That really intrigued me to actually look at my spine. My discs looked cute and in place. I’ve seen so many different spines at work, that it was neat to see my own. I think I’m going to call the radiology dept and see if I can pick up the films. Although I would much rather have a print out of the images vs. the films since I don’t have a gigantic light box at home. Maybe I can add that on to John’s ‘honey do’ list!

What's next? Well I’m still waiting to hear from my doctor’s office when the first scan will be scheduled. I’m hoping it will be in two weeks.

My friend Maggie sent me this cool site called Light Of Life Foundation which is a Thyroid Cancer awareness site. However I think their domain name is cooler than their actual name. It’s Sweet huh? They have all sorts of info on there. One of the most interesting things I learned is that thyroid cancer has the fastest raising rates among cancers in the U.S. Who knew? They also have a group on Facebook that I joined and it was amazing to read different posts from people who have been diagnosed. There were people of all ages, and all different degrees of severity.

I also want to thank everyone for their kind words and support. I didn’t realize it until the other day that having such good friends really does make this easier. Even though there isn't anything life threatening going on, it's still unpleasant. I’m really glad I decided to share all the details with you all, as I know some people choose not to, (with their own health issues).

I hope you all have a great weekend. My 'party girl' friend Molly is coming down to go to Atsacapalooza this weekend. That’s right Molly…I linked to your blog…now you better post a new entry ASAP as you know all of my viewers do not want to read your old entry from LAST JUNE!


Mauleigh said...

Single and Ready to Jingle is ready to kick those thyrod blues to the curb with a refreashing lemon beverage!!

Sarah said...

Single and Ready to Jingle needs to kick herself in the butt and write a new post. This quarterly crap is annoying.

And congrats on seeing inside your bod. Always amazing and a little creepy!

BossyLucy said...

Hey Molly your doing better than last post was in May!!

Amber said...

Holy wow with the similarities never end between us!? My really good friend from school had a thyroid condition and has 2 neck surgeries. She's fine now!

I was like WOAH when I read your new blog!


Judy S said...

I will be glad when all the tests are over.