Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'll Have What She's Havin'

This weekend was just FABULOUS and a huge part to the fabulousness was due to Molly coming to visit! It had been way too long since she had been in SLO town. She really posses all of the great qualities of a house guest. She's flexible, relaxed, game for whatever, opinionated when needs be, always in good spirits, likes to eat, takes showers, wears cute clothes, leaves the toilet seat down, and is always ready for a good time. If there are any other good characters, trust me, she's got them.

One of the main reasons she came down from Sac this weekend was to attend my friend Steph's party, Atascapalooza! I must say that this year was the best year yet. (This was my third year attending). Hans once again had a GREAT BBQ with tri-tip and hot dogs, and there were plenty of good side dishes as well. I was able to make my award winning fudge, and John made some bred pudding cupcakes which were also a hit.

Molly, Steph and I
The Drexler's also hired the same three man polka band as they did last year, and I must say that they are a fabulous addition to the party. They play great hits from the 70's, 80's, and 90's, but with a polka sound. As John said, 'I never knew the accordion was to versatile!'

Here is John and Molly rocking out to 'Fight for your right to Party.' I actually missed Molly singing the chorus, but there is still some sweet rockin'.

They also played 'Roll out the Barrels,' which I don't know if I've ever heard before, but John and Molly totally knew the words! I don't know if it was a Town School thing or what, but I was totally out of the loop.

Molly also liked the drummer. She did some detective work but found out that he was married. Total bummer, but that didn't stop her from dancing to him.
Another highlight this year was the Atascapalooza Olympics. There were three events: egg toss, bean bag toss, and hay rolling. When John and I signed up we saw that Steph was signed up with her sister and that Hans didn't have a partner. We told Molly that she would be the perfect partner for Hans so she signed herself up with him without even asking. It was pretty funny, but Hans was glad has he didn't even know that his wife wasn't going to be his partner.

The first competition was the egg toss. I was pretty excited, but I don't think I had ever need in an egg toss before! Eek!! Once we started I started getting so competitive! I wanted to win so badly that my heart was beating really fast and I was totally breaking a sweat! It was just a stinkin' egg toss and I was acting like I was in China going for the gold! Did I think I was Shawn Johnson or something?

I guess my concentration paid off, because John and I did win! I was totally shocked! I actually think our egg had an extra thick shell, because a couple of times the eggs landing was not so soft.

Before I had a chance to get a photo of our winning egg, John had already smashed it. The winners and their poor little egg:
Later we noticed some sidewalk chalk for the kids, so John encouraged Molly to show us her artistic skills:
Now get your minds out of the gutter! She is drawing a flower! Can't you tell from the look on her face?

After Molly honed her skills she discovered a tiny briefcase near a teenie tiny chair, and decided to check the scene. What did she find? A boccie ball set!
Here's just a cute photo of Molly and I laughing. No story behind it.
Another exciting event was the cowboy boot pinata. Do you see something wrong with this photo?
Are you wondering why that giant is standing near all those hobbits?
That is right...he was in the line for the pinata! Look how much taller he is! Check out my added white line...most of the munchkins are only as tall has his waist. At least he was blind folded. Here is a video of gigantor in action. Notice two things...the dog...and who gets the most candy.

Did you see who got the candy? Just in case here is a still shot for you:
Can you believe he was in there fighting with the ewoks for it? Granted he did knock the thing down, but still...all of the little mini mes deserve a lollipop!

A little later in the night Molly spotted a gnome in the camp site, who was sporting two glow bracelets. I assume he just returned from a rave? Anyway Molly decided to go visit with the guy and see if he wanted to go home with her. She only got about 10 feet away with the little guy when we hear an eruption of 'Hey! That lady is stealing our gnome!' I guess she wasn't as sly as she thought she was. They totally looked offended of the attempted thievery and promptly took him back. At least we made off with the little guys glow bracelets.
We never got around to completing the last two events of the Olympics, so guess who was crowed the champions?
That is right! Here is John getting awarded his medal. However do you see what is going on in the background? Do you see who is back there throwing up the peace sign with a GOLD MEDAL around her neck? That is right folks! Molly totally stole one of the medals, and was running around saying that she and Hans won...even though they were the bronze medalists! I swear...the things some people do for a little glory.

I realized that after we got home we did not get a final photo of the champions, so we had to get one last shot when we got home.John and Molly then played a bit of joint guitar hero to round out the night. here they are getting pumped!

I can't thank Molly enough for coming down this weekend. It was such a great, fun, and lazy weekend, which I totally needed. Thanks Mols!!


Mauleigh said...

Best Weekend of my Life so far. And blogged with only a couple of errors.

Sarah said...

I notice how Molly is in the majority of the pics/videos. Coincidence? I think not. She has now surpassed John as the Photo Phantom for her unique ability to hijack pics and make lots of goofy faces (Sorry I watched Batman Begins yesterday so I have superheroes on the brain). The real tragedy is that John has lost his title. He will have to settle for Photo Jack-in-the-box because he only pops up a few times. I weep for him.

Mauleigh said...

Help! I can't stop reading this blog!

Judy S said...

I am glad to see that Molly is still the
original Party Girl!

Judy S said...

I am glad to see that Molly is still the
original Party Girl!