Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Take Me Out

This past weekend we headed up north for our 4th summer baseball game in Oakland. It was pretty fun, but the A's LOST which totally wrecked our home team winning streak. Total bummer. The score was only 2 to 1 too! Talk about boring. I guess the A's have been playing really bad ever since the all-star game. So bad that there were tons of empty seats I couldn't believe it. The crowd also didn't seem to be that into it. It was the most unusual baseball atmosphere I had ever experienced. It seemed like all the fans were just going through the motions. I think we only heard one fan around here even yell, and it wasn't even at the players!

One highlight was that we met my dad and uncle there along with one of John's collage buddies. You can't really go wrong when you are in good company, so it wasn't a total bust. (Photos to come).

Are you wondering how this is our 4th baseball game of the summer when I've only told you about one? Well sorry about that... I have been slacking. The truth is I didn't want to post the photo of me wearing a Dodger visor! I know isn't that awful? I mean isn't that awful that I had to wear a visor? I really didn't have a choice since John did wear a giants at at the giants game, and I did post that photo on here for the Internet world to see.

We saw the Dodgers in June and it was a very exciting game. They played the Cubs and were behind the whole game, but then had a great comeback and won. It was a REALLY hot day there, which caused us to have the constant sweats. (Hence the shiny faces).

We also had a great group of friends with us...Maggie, Sarah V., John's sister Molly and her BF Michael. Michael said that he had never been to a baseball game where the home team didn't win. I was totally doubting him the whole game, but the Dodgers pulled it out, so I had to give him some credit in the end.

Since the game was a few months ago I don't remember that much, besides the heat, but I do remember these totally dunk/obnoxious Cubs fans that were behind us. Of course due to their obnoxiousness it just made me cheer louder for the Dodgers. Totally unheard of I know.

Last month we headed back down to LA to see the Angels play. Once again we went with Molly and Michael, and our friend Ben. Again it was a close game and the Angles came back to beat the Red Sox. The crowd was SO into the game and it was sold out. Talk about the total opposite crowd compared to the A's game! This game was really hot too, but luckily we were only in the sun for about a half an hour. The stadium there was really nice, but the section we sat in was REALLY steep. There was hardly any leg room.

Since the Angles were losing, Molly, Michael, and Ben decided to put on their rally caps and it totally worked!

On the way home I totally scored by talking Michael into stopping off at Krispy Kreme for a donuts!! I was SO excited!!! Can you tell? Total heaven I tell ya.
John totally snapped these photos of the front seat eaters chowing down as well.
All we have left this summer is the Padre game in two weeks. We will be heading down south on Labor day weekend and I can't wait! I've never been to the Padre stadium and I hear it is really nice. I've been to San Diego once...maybe twice? No I think it was just once for a family vacation and I really liked it. John has never been there so I can't wait to show him around...of the two places I remember! I think our family vacay was in 1996. My my most vivid memory were these shaved ices that we got in Mission Beach. So I am definitely taking John there. I also think we will try to go to the Zoo and cruise the gas light district. Do any of you travel there often? I'm always open to restaurant or hotel recommendations.


Judy S said...

Actually, I think you have been to San Diego
three times. That's what Daddy says. Anyway,
don't you remember almost drowning in a hot
tub? And how could you forget when Amy
crashed her bike as we were cruising Mission Bay?
And what about Amy's spilling at least one Coke
a day? No? And I thought we were creating fond

Mauleigh said...

I love SD!! It's so much fun, and it's all set up for tourists. I like the Zoo, as it forces the animals to come out to see you, but I LOVE the wild animal park, but sometimes those babies can hide and all you see is foliege. Also, Gas Lamps is fun, Old San Diego has the BEST mexican food and Sea World is fun but very pricey.

Sarah said...

Hmm. I think you talked about baseball in this post, but I can't be sure because just like when you talk about Lost, my mind doesn't retain that info.

However, I LOVE LOVE LOVE SD. Old town is great. Tons of amazing shops. And most important: the food! Best Mexican food I've had outside Mexico.

Amber said...

mmmm now I want some Krispy Kremes!!!