Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Summa Time

As some of you know, John and I have social engagements planned for every weekend until the middle of September…and this has been going on since the middle of June. All of our plans are very exciting, but it’s just a lot to deal with all at once. I have been thankful that during the week things have been somewhat calm. That is until 2 weeks ago. Since the week before my sister’s shower these last few weeks have been just as busy as the weekends! This week John and I are killing ourselves in trying to get ready for our garage sale on Sat. We have not done a massive clean out since we moved into the house… and that has been 2 years!

Unfortunately next week is going to be just as busy. We are planning on painting our living room and getting the majority of it done before the weekend. That way John will be able to slave, I mean work, on the floorboards while I am off winning big bucks in Vegas. NO WHAMMY’S!

This past weekend was eventful as always. John’s college friend Tony rode into town and we meet the bikers at our favorite breakfast restaurant in Morro Bay, Blue Sky. With Tony was his girlfriend and two of her friends from Berkley. It was a tad uncomfortable since we didn’t know anything about the three other bikers, and I’m sure they felt the same way towards us. We did our best with small talk, and it was great to see Tony. The last time we saw him was at our wedding! He is working on his PhD in Austin and seems to be doing really well.

After breakfast we went home and then had to wait for them to bike back to our house. Since we had time to kill we decided to read HP. I felt SO bad for John because all day he was reading the end battle and kept having to put the book down. It was killing him! I on the other hand finally got to make some headway in my book. I’m almost half way through. :-(

Once the bikers showed up they washed off their camping grim and had to go get some boxes for their bikes. The Berkeley couple were taking a train and bus back home, so they needed to disassemble and box up their bikes. They took off and once again John and I were left with time to kill before heading to Atascapalooza. After they returned it was then our turn to leave and head up to the furnace, I mean Atascadero. It wasn’t a killer heat I think because it was later in the afternoon. Hans and Steph did a great job hosting the party once again! Everything was set up so nice, and this year they had hired a band! It was a three-man polka band that played many cover songs, (including The Humpty Dance). They were really great! There was also some great food including some watermelon/apricot salsa, and some peach salsa! Right up my alley!

John and I hung out under one of the tents with some of my old co-workers. We had a great view of this cooler sitting on the ground that had sliced watermelon in it. It was the perfect placement for the kids to get to it as well. After watching a few different kids pick out a piece, bite it and put it back, we quickly deemed it the Kid’s Watermelon Cooler, AKA The Sess Pool of Germs. After about three or four kids did the same thing one of the ladies we were sitting with got up and removed all of the half eaten rhines. We all gave her a cheer.

A little while later one of the same watermelon sampler kids came back and did the SAME THING! We were all watching really close to see what he was going to do, and to no surprise he took a bite and put the piece back in the cooler and grabbed another one! However this time right when he put the piece back we all yelled ‘EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!’ Totally unplanned, but we all did it in unison! The dad who was sitting near by jumped up and said ‘oh what piece is it?’ and we said the one w/ the bite out of it. DUH! The best part is that the dad did not tell the son to stop sampling the watermelon. I know I’m not a parent, but geesh!

After a LONG game of Uno, (which I won), John and I had to depart early to meet the bikers downtown at Firestone. Once we got there they told us how one of our neighbors helped them take off their wheels on their bike. John and I just looked at each other, and then asked if it was the neighbor right across the street. They said they thought so, and he had a small little dog! We totally knew it was Brad! John and I could not believe it. Well actually we could. Brad seems to be the neighborhood hero...always crusin’ around checking things out…coming to the rescue wherever needed. One of the bikers even said, ‘Right when I thought man I wish I had a screwdriver, he appeared out of no where and asked if we needed help!’ He did first ask if they were friends of ours since we were nowhere to be seen. We have yet seen him to thank him, but I may bring them a zucchini tonight. (John has just grown the hugest one I’ve ever seen!)

The bikers left really early the next morning, which allowed us to have a productive Sunday. We first went and saw The Simpson’s movie, which was not that impressive… however the dorks in front of me to me thought it was the funniest movie EVER! I swear they laughed at every little thing… like Homer’s cell phone went off and they were cracking up. (And it wasn’t even ‘My Humps’ like Michael Scott’s ringer). I thought that they might have been stoned or drunk, but it was 11am! I guess that didn’t matter because I think the dudes next to me were drinking something out of a bottle, and they were nice enough to bring in some quiet tortilla chips. At least they weren’t smacking.

After the movie we were able to read some more HP and John was finally able to finish his book. He was quite sad though, because HP and The Tour De France both ended on the same day. How horrible!


jay said...

That's a serious bike ride! Good to hear Tony's doing good. Bummer about the Simpsons movie and the watermelon incident.

There's a Quickie Mart in Denver that I saw the other day, but didn't get anything but some drive-by cell phone pictures.. Supposedly you can get Buzz cola and whatnot inside... But its gone as of today (back to being a 7-11)

Judy said...

That story about the watermelon--grrooossss!

I like Brad! He is always there in
times of need!

Big D said...

Go Brad. My idol!