Thursday, July 26, 2007

Homes & Hot Dogs

After my sister’s shower this past weekend my parents drove down to SLO to visit with John and I. They just left last night… hence the lack in posts!

The main MO for my parents was to look for a ‘winter’ home here in SLO County. On the first day they spent it up in North County and looked at a variety of homes, however they did not find one they really liked. John was able to go with them as they were ‘possible loan clients, ’ and he took the following photos:

Check out this sweet kitchen!

This one house they went in was just built and being sold by a building company. It definitely was not kept up well!

On day two they headed to South County and actually found a home they wanted to put an offer on! It was in Arroyo Grande and it looked really nice. However the next morning my dad realized (at 4am) that financing their winter home maybe more difficult than planned.

So now they are on to plan B. They will see how things look in 6 months to a year and in the mean time they’ll come down here and maybe rent a house. I think this is a great idea because it will give them time to explore the area and find out what city they would really like to live in.

Other than the house hunting we were also able to take them to some of our favorite restaurants… and to a Blues baseball game! A few summers ago John and I would try to go to as many games as we could. However we haven’t had much free time to go to the games. I don’t think we made it to one all year last year. Kind of sad… especially w/ the season ending in 2 weeks.

Now with our house free for a few nights we are now preparing for the next way of guests. We have John’s college buddy Tony coming into town w/ three friends. They are biking from SF to SLO and will be arriving on Saturday. We also have Atascapalooza to attend to, which is a party that my friend Steph has every year. So it will definitely be a busy weekend. I’m also hoping to have some time to read HP, (as I’m on chapter 2), and I need to start cleaning out our closets for our garage sale next weekend.

**Note: My friend Molly was supposed to come visit this weekend for the party, but we just found out today that her dad had a stroke. Her parents were vacationing in Montana when it happened. She will be flying out this weekend to be with them. Please say a prayer for her and her family. Thanks!

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