Monday, July 16, 2007

The Joys of Cancer

Above is my first official 'Joy of Cancer.' I highlighted the key line in the document. Granted I don't need an access of life insurance, but that is not the point. I am SO mad that my cancer is the reason for their denial... do they even know anything about thyroid cancer? Do they think that I live at the base of a radiation plant just hoping to get cancer? I don't like to be discriminated again for something that I had NO control over... especially when I am most likely cancer free now. I have the feeling that this is only the beginning. Isn't that so exciting?

I am tempted to call their customer service line and tell them thanks for denying my coverage, and that I tried really hard not to get cancer, but I didn't have the best of luck. I may also wish that they, and their family, will hopefully go through something just as traumatic. Ok... so maybe I won't say that... depends on how sympathetic I'm feeling.

In lighter news... when I got back to work after my radiation treatment I was presented w/ the image below:
One of my co-workers was one of the first people to who called me Radioactive Girl, and had the ex-graphics person at work create this image. I thought she did a great job.

John's comment: Now I know what you would look like with a boob job.

It is quite sad, as that is the closest I will ever get to having a boob job... remember... no more surgeries for me!


Judy said...

Hey, John got it right: Nice boob job!

Seriously, I like the image. It was really thoughtful of your co-workers.

Judy said...

I forgot to mention the stupid insurance company. Of course they don't want to actually have to PAY
for anything, so they are super-cautious. Will it get any better if you are cancer-free for a certain number of years?

Anonymous said... companies....Gotta love them working with them..Want my job?


jenna said...

ya those crazy insurance companies. I actually just got life insurance for the first time ever now that I have a daughter. I do hope you will be able to get covered at some point...but i do think you should call them because that would be pretty funny. but you would need to talk to someone who actually decides who gets coverage and who doesn' wouldn't really be fair to the poor receptionist.