Sunday, July 15, 2007

Harry Potter and The Order of Awesomeness

As you can tell John and I did go and see the new HP movie.... and I must say to all of the fellow HP fans, you MUST go see it! It was definitely the best of all the of the films. The kid actors get better and better with each movie. Yeah, it's dark... but the book was dark. My only complaint is that it was NOT long enough! I could have watched at least another 2 hours. The end fight seen with the kids was great, and I also thought he actress that played Luna Lovegood was perfect!

On our way to the movie, we were at a stoplight and there was a group of young girls trying to recruit cars to their car wash. Since John had his window down one girl started talking to him. The first thing John said was 'sorry... not today.' However we continued to sit at the light, so she continued to talk to him. The chick totally thought she was talking him into getting it washed, but when the light turned green, we turned away from the car wash we heard her yell 'That was mean!" She must have thought she was doing some real smooth talking.

After the movie we ordered some breadsticks from Woodstock's Pizza and to kill time we decided to head into Banana Republic to check out their sales rack. As I'm looking at the women's sales racks John comes over with this sweet linen 'island wear' shirt. (For those of you who do not know... John became a huge fan of linen once he bought his first pair of linen pants.) He then puts it on and it looks great... although it was still a bit pricey.

As I continue to look through the clothes I hear John's voice in the men's department. Who the heck is he talking to, I think. Then he comes over and has this huge grin on his face. He tells me that as he went over to put the shirt back on the rack there is a young guy, (shopping with his mom), looking at the same shirts.

John said, "That's a pretty sweet vacation shirt."

"Yeah I'd only wear that if I was hella cut," says scrawny boy.

"Dude, you're on vacation, it doesn't matter. Go to an island where you won't know anyone."

What the heck has gotten into John? It's like he thinks he's my dad, just talking to anyone he wants! We had a pretty good laugh about it.

Today I attended my friend Davette's bridal shower in Avila, and it was SO much fun! Her bridesmaids did a great job in hosting it. I felt very fortunate to have attended it because my summer schedule is so busy, but the ladies were nice enough to schedule it at a time I could go!

I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or what, but I get very sentimental about attending pre-wedding and weddings of my close friends. It means so much more to me then it did 10 years ago.

This year has been so special to me with having so many good friends tying the knot, that I am really sad that next year I will (most likely) not have any weddings to go to. I still have some single friends (thank goodness!) so I can look forward to attending their big days!
Here are the ladies from FzioMed:
Sam, Jen, Davette, myself, and Isabel (Davette's Aunt)


big D said...

I'm glad that John is finally taking after your old dad. I've worked years getting him to appreciate my finer moments.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean no weddings to go to next year? I'm on! It's only a matter of whom to choose!!

Judy said...

You have to talk Daddy into taking me to see the HP flick.

I like that dress...I guess border prints are coming back!