Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gripe Session

Hey party peeps! Sorry I've been such a blog slacker! Things have been really mellow and not much has been going on. I know it's a sad...sad...sad day.

This past weekend John and I were total lazy butts... we watched the women's and men's Wimbledon finals... then played some tennis ourselves... and then went over to my friend Sam's for a BBQ.

Sam is a really great hostess. You should have seen how nicely she set everything out. She even created bundles of silverware and tied them together with ribbon! I really don't think I can host a shin dig now that she has. My hosting skills would totally be put to shame! Sam's parents live in Hawaii and her mom was in town visiting. It was really great to meet her and she had some really classic stories from teaching high school over the years. She also made living in Hawaii sound very tempting!

I've also finished up my sister's wedding website, as her invites went out this week. Hopefully there will be minimal changes from here on out since I think I"m about to get some more freelance work this week.

I've also been working on stuff for her bridal shower which is in two weeks. I'm very excited for it, as I think it's going to be one of the best showers I've ever been too! Well it HAS to be right? I mean I am helping throw it! The shower is going to be in S.F. which causes a bit of a challenge... planning long distance and in someone elses house... but we will manage!

I did have a good Tuesday due to the fact that Interpol's third album was released. It's pretty good... but I've got to listen to it a few more times. I became a huge fan after the release of their last album a few years ago. I wanted toe see them in concert SO bad, but I had missed all of their US tour dates. But NOW... they are coming to SF in October. Unfortunately it is on the same day we were planning on coming back from Belize... but we could always fly into SF and catch the show, right? It is on a Saturday which is totally lucky too. (The show in LA is on a weekday). Well the Internet pre-sale tickets went on sale today, however I did not have the password to purchase any! So I will attempt to buy some on Sat. when they go on sale, but I'm sure they will be sold out.

In other depressing concert news... we also just found out that Velvet Revolver will be coming to the Santa Barbara bowl! Yeah! We saw them there on their last tour, and I thought for sure they would not play the venue again, because it's so small. So when the chance came to join their fan club to have access to pre-sale tickets, I passed. Then what do you know... I need to buy tickets, and now cannot until Sunday. (Pre-sale starts tomorrow). The last time we saw them in SB we got our tickets right when they went on sale and we were seated in the second to last row. We may have to pursue eBay, so hopefully they won't be marked up too much.

Well I really hope your eyes aren't falling out of their sockets due to boredom... but I know I must write at least once a week! I don't want to lose my dedicated readers! Until next time...

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Judy said...

Hey, Amber!

I need a reminder to read your blog. I just read about 3 weeks' worth! Daddy reminded me!