Sunday, July 1, 2007

Jeff Probst Here I Come!

Saturday I was released from my bedroom. John still made me wait an extra 4 hours before he let me out. The dude was totally paranoid. Being able to leave my room has not made this situation ANY better. What more can I do now? Watch TV in a different room? At least in my bedroom I can work on the computer AND watch TV. At least that way I feel somewhat productive.

I did scrapbook a little and worked on one of my puzzles. However the table I'm using is smaller than my puzzle, which has made it very difficult to assemble the pieces. I worked on those projects as John and I cleared some room on our DVR. We watched:

Junebug - Pretty good. I wanted to see it because I knew Amy Adams got nominated for a Golden Globe or Oscar for her role. She was really good in it, but it's still a bit depressing.

Flight Plan - Pretty good. It's like Panic Room, but on a plane. Is Jodi Foster totally type casted now?

Constant Gardener - I wanted to see this one because Rachel Wesis won an Oscar for her role. It was good, but depressing once again. She was hardly in the movie as well. I think Amy Adams did a better job.

Croupier - I remember when this movie came out my parents wanted to see it, and I never made it to the Palm. I guess it came out in 1998 but I think it got released here around 2000. It was ok... nothing to write home about.

The Squid and the Whale - I think this movie was my fave. It was really NOT uplifting, but it was well written, and the actors were good.

We did venture outside a bit as well. John worked on digging holes to plant new shrubs in front of our new fence. I sat on my lawn chair an read my book. Most of the neighbors stopped to say that I had the right idea. Had they only known I didn't have a choice!

I also finished the Kite Runner. I really liked it, however about 5 different people told me that it was such a sad book. So the whole time I'm reading it I keep waiting for something really awful to happen and nothing did! Well I know a lot of terrible things happen throughout the whole book, but I didn't think i twas quite as sad as The Sister's Keeper.

I decided to read a fru-fru book next until Harry Potter comes out. I chose The Shop-o-holic and Baby. It is quite an enjoyable series however the main character's stupidity drives me nuts sometimes. When I was complaining to John about it, he told me not everyone handles situation like I do...but still... opening 15 foreign bank accounts and not telling your husband about it? Come on!

I also had time to work on my sister's wedding website. I was a little worried I wouldn't have time to create it because I asked them to give me the design specifications by the end of April and I didn't get them until the middle of June. However I was able to post their 'under construction' page. Check it out here.

Sorry, (Sarah), that this entry is not the most humorous. I think I've reached the low point with this quarantine. To top it off, as of 6pm tonight my liquid diet started. Not that I was really able to eat much earlier today. I think I had 6 bites of chicken and about 7 pieces of bread... plain. You know I have NEVER eaten plain bread before? And it wasn't that bad! I think if I can do that, then I could totally go on Survivor!

My meals for the next day and a half:


Sarah said...

It's hard to be funny when you've just had to live through a horrible cable. I'm glad you're recovering!

jenna said...

mmmm, tasty...

Judy said...

Junebug! I loved that movie!