Friday, June 29, 2007

I Hate You Charter Cable

Well today was just as uneventful as the last two. As most of you know I sent out even MORE ofoto albums... and I even have three more.

I did have time to practice on possible bridesmaid hair-dos. What do you think?

At least there was not a rain delay in Wimbledon. Well that is what I thought. I guess there was rain in the morning so all of the women's matches got pushed back. I did get to see my two faves Roddick and R. Fed kick some butt. After those matches they did show Serena's match, (yes, she was back wearing that awful outfit again), but half way through THE CABLE WENT OUT! Can you believe it? Of all the days in the year for it to go out it goes out today? In fact... it just came back on... AFTER 90210! The one thing I was looking forward to today was that show! The only way I survived was that Molly gave me a ring around 4 and she totally distracted me!

One highlight I did have today was that John brought me another Gus' sandwich for lunch. I mean look at it! Doesn't it look soooo good? It totally was.

When John was home for lunch I was telling him how excited I was for us to hang out tomorrow. He was said 'well not for very long!' I was like 'what?' For some reason he thought that we could only be in the same room (6 feet apart) for an hour at a time!

Here has been my daily view of him:

So I called my doctor's assistant and told her how my husband wanted me to double check. She thought that was the funniest thing she had ever heard and I didn't even tell her that his main concern was protecting his family jewels!


jenna said...

too funny! So Jay and I are trying to remember exactly where Gus' is...isn't it by some frat house?

Judy said...

Some people just crack up before you get to the best part...