Wednesday, June 6, 2007

An Anniversary I Never thought I'd Have

Since Friday will be the one month anniversary from my surgery I thought I would write a little update. I realized I never wrote an update regarding the red swollen area near my incision as well.

The day follwing my post, I called the doctor's office and told the nurse my symptoms, she said to come in that morning and that they would squeeze me in. Let me tell you that the appointment was SO fast w/o and appointment! Right when I sat down they called me in, and then I waited maybe 30 seconds and then Dr. Malotte came in! I was totally shocked. The last few times I've gone in that whole process normally takes about 15-25 mins.

The doc checked it out and gave me the same diagnosis as my co-worker did! He told me to wait it out and see if the stitch breaks through the skin. I asked him if I should do anything to it, and he said no. He said I should call him and come in and he would trim it. (I didn't realize until after I left that I should have asked why he wouldn't pull it out, so I asked my AM nurse {Rebekkah} and she said that he'd trim it in case it was still holding something together).

Even after he took a look at it he still sat and asked if I had any questions. I was so impressed, because I didn't think he'd have the time. It's a bit weird, but I feel like he's my friend! Is that a normal feeling once someone operates on you?

So I think that was Friday...on Sat. I woke up and beneath my scar it was swollen. About the size of a quarter. It wasn't red so I didn't worry. It stayed the same on Sunday, but I also realized that I wasn't having any more pain. It's still a tad swollen, but the red area has definitely gone down, so I'm hoping that stitch finally dissolved! What a nasty little bugger!

I also set the dates for my iodine treatment today, and I am SO happy! I get to have it the week after Katy's wedding, (thank goodness), I will get to take the pill on a Wed., which means my 3 day quarantine will be done with by the weekend, and I should be able to utilize the 4th of July in my days off! OK... let me back up... I go in on the 25th and the 26th for the hormone shots. Then I go in on the 27th for the pill. Once I am there they will then schedule my follow up appointment for the next week. Now I'm not sure if they will schedule it on the 4th or not, so I may be returning to work the following Thursday or Friday. However since I will have like 1.5 days of PTO saved up it will be great to have the holiday hours on my pay check. Did I tell you that I accrue my PTO hours based on the number of hours I get paid for? When I got my last check I didn't get my full 5.23 hours of PTO since I didn't work an 80 hour work week. I know it totally sucks! I mean it makes sense, but I don't care! It's not really a dream of mine to spend ALL of my time off in SLO... in my house... unshowered...

I am also very excited that I won't have to be quarantined during the weekend. Can you imagine? Me being stuck in the bedroom while I hear John crusin' around having fun. At least this way 'we'll be able to watch TV and eat in the same room, even though I'll have my 6 ft. pole out.

One other good thing about being gone part of the holiday week is that two of my friends at work will also be out of the office. Now I know that shouldn't be a concern of mine...and I should be thankful that that week will probably be really slow, but I don't care! I know I've totally got the employee of the month attitude.

I also realized this week that I finally feel back to normal. YEAH! I had no idea it would take me a month to recover. I think the hormone meds are finally kicking in, and that is what caused me to feel so crappy the last two weeks. I think I still have 2 more weeks for them to start working 100%, so I hope I keep feeling better. John even realized it because of the amount of sass I've been dishin' out. I just tell him that he should praise his apprentice, not fear that the roles are starting to reverse.


jenna said...

wow, Amber, I do think your "sass" has returned! Glad you're feeling better and I hope the rest of the journey goes well.

Judy said...

Dishin' the sass? I would be afraid, too!