Monday, June 18, 2007

Can You Hear Me Now?

As I was checking various blogs this evening, I noticed that most bloggers with children had Father's Day entries.

My Father's Day consisted of me calling my parents and talking to my mom, (who answered), for about 15 minutes and then talking to my dad for about 5, until the battery in their handset went dead.

Note: I had told my mom previously to get a new battery for it. She said she didn't know where to buy one, and I told her to look at Radio Shack. (There are no Best Buys or Circuit Cities in Humboldt). I told her this maybe a week and a half ago? And there is STILL no battery? They better get one within the next week...they are both now retired and have no more excuses!


SammyCakes said...

Too funny - my father's day was about the same. My dad answered and talked to me for about 2 minutes (the US Open was on). And then my mom and I talked for 15.

jenna said...

hahahaha silly parents! Since I am not a father either, I did call my dad but I think we talked a bit longer than 5 mins.

Judy said...

OKOKOKOKOK! We got the battery!
The kid at radio shack took one look and immediately knew what we needed! I was impressed! Then I whipped out a Radio Shack credit card that had a credit from a return I had made. The battery was $20 and the card was for $25! We have $ left over and a phone that is no longer dead.