Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Whose Living Next Door?

Greetings! Sorry for the lack of posts. I’m having a crazy week! We are off tomorrow to Humboldt for wedding #2 of 6 this year. My friend Katy will be tying the knot and I am so excited! In addition to having a fabuloso time at the rehearsal dinner and wedding we will also get to visit with both of our families, and meet my friend Maggie for a Sunday breakfast! We will be missing John’s parents though. They are currently vacationing in Montana this week. That is the same Montana trip that John and I were supposed to go on, until I got cancer and it sucked away my thyroid AND all my paid time off. At least we will get to visit with John’s sister and her liter.

I’ve also been working on a freelance job for PREFACE. Last year I did a variety of projects for them and they’ve hired me again this year. I already did a bookmark back in April and now I’m working on the student folder. I’m in a total time crunch though because they want to have the folders at the printers by June 29th, and I’m unable to work on them from June 21-27. If I am feeling ok w/ the radiation pill I could then work on them at the end of next week, but who knows? That’s not a risk I’m willing to take. So every night this week I’ve had revisions on it. But we are getting closer.

I feel so behind in my posts… I went to Katy’s bridal shower in APRIL and have yet to blog about it or post photos! I am hoping I’ll have time to catch up with I’m Radioactive Girl, but I had the feeling I might not have as much time as I think. I mean my main priority is to find a cape and then design a logo for my costume.

I will give you the update on our neighbors though… a few weeks ago when John and I painted the fence, John had to go across the street to tell them to move their car. (We were using a sprayer and didn’t want to be responsible for pimping out the dudes Geo Metro.) Once John went over the there the contractor started to ask him all sorts of questions about our fence… who did it… did we get permits from the city…etc. John filled him in and then found out that they are getting more harassment from the city vs. the homeowners association. Sounded like they didn’t have any of the right permits when they started their renovation.

He tried to tell John that the French doors they installed were fine because when opened you could still drive a car in there. Like that was their problem? They were going to convert it into a weight room so that they’d have a view of the park while working out. If they want a nice view, why don’t they just move their weight equipment onto the front lawn? I’m sure the dudes would love to show off their bulging muscles to all the grandmas who walk their dogs.

John also found out that it wasn’t college kids living in the house, it was HIGH SCHOOL boys! Can you believe that one? I guess the owners bought the house for their son to give him more responsibility. I have never heard of a better way to do that, have you? I mean having to make a car payment or hold down a job are way too menial!

After a few months the son moved home because he couldn’t concentrate there. Totally shocking! I guess his buddies stayed behind and fully TRASHED the place. Can you believe it? I guess they had to gut the entire thing and start from scratch.

It doesn’t look like they’ve tried any other odd conversions from the outside, but who knows? They could have built a basement and have a pot garden down there like my parent's neighbors did! Oh wait... we aren't in Humboldt.... then maybe it's a meth lab! Oh wait... we aren't in Atascadero! (Just kidding Steph!)


jay said...

Geez, that was a brilliant move... buy a house for your teenage son so he'll "get some responsibility..."

That's like me having Laina (my two month old daughter) operate the stove so she can "get some cooking skills..."

Molly said...

What??? I can't get my parents to buy me dinner?? Are the dudes parents looking to adopt? becuase I could become an orphan really quickly!

Judy said...

You know, those parents got what they deserved. What dummies. They were probably just tired of living with him and wanted to shirk their parental responsibility. So that's what they get!

Big D said...

Hey, don't knock Atascadero! That may be our new neighborhood.