Sunday, June 3, 2007

Do Work Son

Since Adam was not here this weekend I was wrangled in to helping with the fence this weekend. We knew we needed to paint it ASAP to limit the amount of time the HOA, and/or mean neighbors, had to find something wrong with it.

Our initial plan was to rent a paint sprayer, but after thinking twice about the price, and that we are super cheap, we opted not to rent it. Let me tell you it took about 20 minutes of painting the fence before we decided to rent the sprayer. Thank god we did! It made the job so much faster!

We did have a few technical difficulties, which shouldn't be a surprise. The last time we rented a dethacher from the rental place it did not work correctly. So after we primered the fence the sprayer stopped retaining pressure. John was trying everything he could to try to figure out what was wrong, because it had just been working!

I suggested that he call the rental place and see if they had any tips for him. He calls and the guy tells them, "Yeah those sprayers are pretty temperamental.' DUH! 'You can bring it in to exchange it if you want.' So we did.

The next sprayer worked well, but that too was temperamental. At one point the sprayer wasn't spraying evenly so John started working on it to see if there was a clog. He was looking directly at the nozzle and then shot himself in the face!!! I kind of held my breath as I totally wanted to crack, up but I had to see if he was mad... but he laughed! Thank goodness, because it was really funny. However we are so lucky that he was wearing, his hat, face mask, AND sunglasses. It the paint would have shot him in the eyes it would have been such bad news!! His whole face was covered. I'm so mad I didn't get a photo of that! I totally spaced it. But I do have before and after photos for you of the fence. What do you think?


BIG D said...

Very professional job. You could hide a religious compound behind that structure.

jenna said...

looks great - did u also do some repair work?

Maggie said...

Is that title a reference to "Rob & Big"?

Judy said...

Wow!! What a great "after" photo!
The HOA would be idiots to complain.