Thursday, May 31, 2007

Time to Accessorize

Last week I dropped off my wedding and engagement ring at the local jewelers. A diamond had fallen out of my wedding band and I wanted to get it replace with a ruby. John had the great idea to do that in honor of my grandmother, (her name was Ruby), who passed away this year. I also took my engagement ring in because the last time I had it resized the place used gold to sodden it together vs. platinum! I knew it was discolored, but I had no idea why. I was so mad. I took it to that place because they were $5 cheaper than the place I was leaving them at. Lesson learned!

They also buffered and polished the rings, and I have to say that they look brand new!! I feel like I just got married! (JK) It is really amazing. I must recommend to all of you to get your rings cleaned and polished ASAP! It is totally worth it. I think it’s probably been over 2 years since I had it done. I’m going to try to have John get me that each year for my birthday. I had to take a photo of them so I will remember how they are supposed to look like. I’m going to try to record how long they last like this as well.

Here’s an updated photo of my scar as well:

See how the right side is more swollen and red? Kind of underneath the incision? Well it’s also very sensitive to touch. I showed my scar to one of my co-workers who used to be a nurse. She thinks that one of the internal stitches may not have dissolved, and is trying to make its way to the surface. Although I’m wondering if it will just dissolve? She said if I have a fever, if the scar is oozing fluid or if the area becomes more red, then it is probably an infection. That is what I first thought it was. I’m glad that I don’t have those symptoms. I plan on watching it for the next few days and hopefully it will get better. I am thinking of emailing this photo to my dr. though. Just in case he can give me a quick diagnosis.

Before my surgery, John ordered some thyroid cancer awareness bracelets for me. (Like the yellow Livestrong bracelets). I’ve given a few out, but if you’d like one, let me know and I will send it to you. I don’t want to hand them out and have people think that I expect to wear them when they don’t want to. It’s kind of awkward. So I thought I’d give you the choice. Let me know!


All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

Judy said...

I like the ruby idea! You should
also have the jeweler check to see
if your diamonds are set well. That is supposed to help you avoid having them fall out.

jenna said...

I have been meaning to take my ring in for some sprucing up but I am afraid they will destroy it like that other jeweler did on your ring or switch out the diamond or something. How do you find a reputable jeweler?

I think your scar is looking much better...couldn't really see the spot you were talking about on my screen. If you want to send me a bracelet I will totally wear it.