Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just Like on LOST!

I had my consultation yesterday with the Dr. who will be giving me the radiation pill. (I don’t even know what kind of dr. he is! I know I’m bad.) He wasn’t too impressive. Not like the Dr. who operated on me. He went through a list of questions that had to be answered for the government. Since overnight stays in hospitals are very expensive, the government now allows patients to go home assuming they can quarantine themselves.

He really didn’t seem that worried about side affects or infertility. He said there hadn’t been any studies done on infertility, which is probably a good sign. (Meaning that there hasn’t been concern to do a study). I think I’m supposed to wait a year to have a kid… IF I WANT TO HAVE ONE. So to all of you that HARASS me about it, it will do NO GOOD to harass me for the next YEAR. I have an even better idea! Why not stop the harassment all together? (Yes I’m talking to you parents).

It looks like I will get the treatment done in the beginning of July, or possibly the last week in June. As long as it’s after Katy’s wedding it will be good.

Most of the info I read online was the same as what he told me, but here are the basics:

  • I have to take ANOTHER week off work! Can you believe that one? I am really going to have no PTO left. I’m praying I’ll have 4 days in October for Belize.
  • For the first 3 days I need to be quarantined. (Just like on LOST! How exciting!) I can’t leave the house and I shouldn’t have anyone around me. Well for the entire week I need to stay 6 ft away from all people. I really need to stay away from kids, pets, and pregnant women. However if Odie next door really starts driving me crazy by his incessant barking I might go and stand near the back fence and feed him some meat. I think it might be a bit like prison in the sense the John will probably have to leave my meals at my door and then bang on the door and yell ‘Time to eat!’
  • I will also have to go on a low iodine diet 2 weeks before and probably after the treatment as well. So no sushi, seafood, salt, and minimal baked goods.
  • Urine, saliva, and sweat are the three main ways to pass on the radiation. So it looks like I won’t be able to work out for a week. Don’t get me wrong… I do enjoy the time when I can be lazy, however getting back into the workout routine is so hard! Ever since my surgery is has been so difficult for me to get back into it.
  • The Dr. said I could use electrical equipment, so at least I will be able to be on the computer! I’m hoping to finally archive my photos and upload my latest ones to ofoto.
  • After the first week I will get a body scan to see how much radiation is left in my body. It should be low enough for me to return to work. The government also recommends staying quarantined for 14 days, so when I go back to work, I’ll most likely have to keep my distance from everyone.

I think the first three days will definitely be weird, but as long as it’s not another surgery/recovery, I’m game for anything! Bring it on!


BIG D said...

Don't fret about grand child harassment. Your sister will have to produce or else (just kidding). Good luck on your treatment

Judy said...

What an ordeal! Will you glow in the dark?

Maggie said...

LOST fans: Who do you think is in the coffin? A lot of people are speculating it's Michael, but I don't get why! Hmmm...!