Monday, May 7, 2007

T-Minus 24 Hours

Well tomorrow is the big day! I keep trying to admire my neck sans-scar. It’s hard to imagine that it will never look this way again. I’m hoping I will scar well, but you never know. I really like my neck. I think it’s one of my best assets. If I REALLY don’t like the way the scar looks, I can always Photoshop it out of any photos.

I had to fill out of bunch of paper work for the hospital last week, but the worst was the law of attorney. (That sounds totally wrong). But I had to list a few peeps of who would make decisions for me in case something happened, AND I had to check a box next to ‘Do not resuscitate,’ or ‘Prolong Life.’ How morbid is that? I’m sure this is standard for everyone who has a surgery, but I did not expect that!

I also picked up my prescriptions. I got vicodin for the pain, and they gave me a whole bottle! I’ve never taken it before, so I hope it doesn’t make me sick or cease any unpleasant reactions. I also picked up my thyroid meds called synthroid. (John thinks the name sounds like a robot). The doctor suggested I not take generic as it will be easy to get me on the right dosage in the begging. Let me tell you that I hope I get to switch to a generic brand soon, because the pills cost $25! That’s almost $300 a month! Do you know what $300 could do for my wardrobe?

On a serious note… what if I didn’t have insurance or didn’t have the funds to buy the meds? These aren’t even meds I’m choosing to take. There should really be some program for peeps that HAVE to take meds and don’t want to pay for them. I know Molly can relate to this… it’s not her fault she has narcolepsy! I know I shouldn’t complain… her pills are way more expensive and she has to take them twice a day!

Oh well… maybe I can sell my left over vicodin on eBay to help pay for the synthroid.

**Note: I’ll try to have John update the blog tomorrow to let you all know how it went!


Lori said...

I'm thinking about you today. Your wonderful sense of humor is going to see you through. :)

Molly said...

Amber!! I'm totallly praying that everything goes well and you'll have the worlds frist disappearing scar!

Maggie said...

So I was watching the finale of "Workout" (yes, big fan) last night and there was a girl on the show who had just had her thyroid removed (28 years old) because she had thyroid cancer, too! What a weird coincidence that it was on the same day of your surgery! She had a little, very slight scar on her neck, but it was totally unnoticable.