Sunday, May 6, 2007

Over, Under, and through the Window

This weekend I learned how to knit! Can you believe it? I recently learned how to sew (entry coming soon), and now I can knit!

On Saturday Stephanie, Ellie and I went to a free beginning knitting class in Atascadero. Overall I thought it was pretty fun, but I am looking forward to being able to do the motion w/o having to think about it. It is also kind of tough because it's hard to tell what you did wrong when you mess up. I guess there is a separate class on how to fix your mistakes. Even though I could have used those tips in the first class, I'm not sure if I would have remembered everything. We learned the basic knitting stitch, the Pearl stitch and how to start it and end it. (I can't remember the correct terms.)

Here is Ellie in action:

Here is Steph in action:
Here is my first practice piece:

I would really like to make a scarf next, but the lady said I would need two things of yarn, and I"m not ready to buy more just yet. I want to make sure I can make it look good before I spend any more money. I am tempted to do more sewing though. It seems like sewing some pj pants can be a lot quicker then knitting a scarf. We will see!

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Judy said...

That is an excellent first try at knitting!! I think you are ready for a scarf. You can do it in your spare time while you are watching TV or riding in the car (when John is driving, that is).
A scarf doesn't have to be perfect, anyway.