Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Amber Alert

Ok, to be fair this is not about a missing kid. If her name was Red we wouldn't be having this confusion. Here is what you need to know as of 2:30 on Wednesday.

Amber is doing great. We went to the hospital at 8:30 yesterday morning and got her checked in. Apparently when she has only a skimpy robe on she gets quite flirty and charmed all nurses into doing her bidding. The actual surgery went down at around 10:30 and she made it into recovery by 1:00. I got to see her at about 2pm, which is lucky for the hospital as I had read everything in sight include a Nat'l Geographic Explorer from May 2003. That's right, 2003.

Turns out that they did confirm that the nodule was indeed cancer and opted to remove the whole thyroid and not just the naughty half. She'll be on Synthroid medication from here on out. The good news is that the surgery went very smoothly and she was in such good spirits she was requesting all sorts of photos. You'll see, I promise.

Her only complaint is a scratchy throat from the breathing tube they shoved into her. I keep trying to buy her ice cream but all she wants frozen yogurt because the Dr. tells her she can't workout for 2 weeks. I do not like frozen yogurt. Dilemma!

She was assigned to room 206 at which point we discovered that she would be having a roommate for the night. Her roomie was in for something and was a huge fan of Billy Ray Cyrus, who I gather was/is in jeopardy of losing on Dancing with the (C-) Stars. Amber also discovered that in addition to some fine coughing fits, her roomie also had the snoring skills of The Big Guy (Tom Grundman). For those who don't know, that is a true feat of sound.

I sprung her out of the hospital this morning at about 10:30. Calcium levels are excellent. Pain is a 4.5 out of 10 off drugs and a 2.5 on drugs. No swelling and no bleeding either. All she wants to do is sleep. Thanks for all the well wishes and flowers, She/we really appreciate everyone being so good to us.

Amber has been so tough through this whole process, though she tells me that she never wants to have another surgery again. To quote, " I don't want another surgery, not even a boob job."
I didn't even know that was on the list and now it's gone.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Amber!
Glad you are doing so well! I will call you later to see if you are up for some visitors.....I will bring fro yo for you and the real thing for John!


Me said...

So glad to hear everything went well and that she is home safe. You guys are in my thoughts.

Molly said...

Hey Johnber!

I'm glad you kids are doing well. Stephanie should also bring some of Hans' lemondrops. I think lemondrops and vicodin would be a good mix -- might make the pain meeter zero out. Just a thought.


Lori (I kind of feel like I'm stalking you :) said...

Amber, glad to hear all went well. Thanks for the continue to be in my prayers.

Lori said...

Amber, so relieved everything went off without a hitch and your are home recovering. I almost emailed your Dad today to see how everything went, but then received John's email. Thanks John! If you are really concerned about a scar, there is an over the counter medication called Mederma (approx $20 per tube @ Costco)that helps to lessen scars and is even suppose to work on old scars. I am thinking you will most likely heal up well and won't even need it, but it is available nonetheless.
I guess you won't be eating any "Bugles" for awhile, at least not until your poor throat heals:(
The frozen yogurt diet doesn't sound too bad!


jay said...

You could put out an Amber Alert for that cancer, but it won't do any good 'cause its gonzooo...

Awesome to hear the doctors knocked that one out of the park.

Good riddance to bad thyroids, I always say. Looking forward to disgusting photos of whatever a thyroid looks like.

Judy said...

Uh, "boob job"? That isn't
exactly a necessary surgery, so
I am glad she doesn't want it!
It would probably hurt a whole
heck of a lot more than the
thyroid surgery, too!