Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Florist I'm Not

Here's the latest photo of my scar. Looks pretty good doesn't it? I saw some really horrible scars when I googled "Thyroid scar." Our weekend was pretty mellow, as I was attempting to take it easy. We have guests next weekend, so I had to clean some.

John spent quite a bit of time working on our new fence. He needed my assistance in measuring every 5-10 mins, so I lounged outside and read my new book club book The Handmaids Tale. I'm pretty happy of where my scar is, placement wise. For the most part I didn't have to try too hard to keep it in the shade. I was even able to get a bit of a sun burn! So much for never having a tan! Let's just hope I can have a good color transition on my neck.

Most of my flowers I received from my surgery have died. I'm so sad. I really liked feeling like I was living in a florist. I've tried to keep the last few and have created my own arrangement, but it looks pretty hokey. Thanks again to all that sent them. (Your thank you cards will be coming soon).

I know this entry isn't too eventful, but I wanted to give those of you at work on Monday something to read. I do hope to write my surgery experience post soon, as I really want to share some of the photos. Are you getting board of all Thyroid entries? Well I don't think there should be too many...but nothing else is really going on...well I do have one funny story about our neighbor. That will have to come later in the week! Hope you all had great weekends!


Big D said...

You sounded good on the phone last night (almost normal). Keep big John working. I don't know why I didn't have you give me mesurements on our projects. You always wanted to use the tools.

jenna said...

Good way to keep us hanging..what's up with the neighbor???

Yeah, the scar doesn't look too bad. I still have a few scars (small ones) on my upper arm from being bitten by a dog a few summers ago. I don't think I really kept it out of the sun so I'm sure they're permanent now...

Judy said...

Dear Amber,

That scar looks really good! I
don't think it is going to be too
big a deal. Yay!