Monday, May 28, 2007

Was that really a 4 day weekend?

I'm totally wiped out from this weekend, and due to the fact that I am headed to bed at 9pm that means I don't have enough time to write up a legitimate recap. However I thought I would post some photos to tide you over.

We had a great visit with The Steinbucks. We didn't do too much, but when you are watching a 2 year old I say that is enough! Sydney is a total cutie, and I think she's a pretty well behaved 2 year old. However I have no one to compare it too. Guess I'll have to wait until the twins turn 2!

Here is Syd relaxing in our mini pool. John bought that for me last summer when we had a couple of days in the 90s. (Too lazy to look for that photo).

The dudes work really hard this weekend. The major project was replacing part of our fence.
I like this photo because it shows the new fence and our awesome old fence. I also enjoy it because Adam is hard at work and John is bustin' a move. He started to moon walk right after this photo was taken... hence him rockin' the MJ look w/ the one glove.

After the fence they worked on replacing our 80's ghetto exterior lights. More photos to come...but here is an action shot:

Last but not least here is a photo of the three ladies. I wasn't going to post this photo until I saw what was in the background! That is our neighbor who tried to convert their garage! I know it's not as exciting as seeing the french doors, but it will have to do.

More stories and photos to come, but you may have to wait until Wed. I have my book club meeting tomorrow night, and my consultation with the radiation doctor. Depending on how interesting the appointment is I may blog about that first. Hope you all had a great weekend!

**Note: My friend Sam has just started her own blog. I put her link in my links section. I'm very excited as I'm sure she will update more frequently than Steph and Brett. (No offence peeps!)

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Anonymous said...

Amber, I'm glad you're back having fun and that operation was a sucess, way to go!