Monday, June 4, 2007

The Bear Says it All

I received a really nice care package from Maggie this past weekend. This cute little bear along with a cancer pin. I actually laughed out laugh when I saw the bear. He is super cute. I’m still looking for the perfect place to put him.

The pin color is lavender, which represents a generic support of cancer. I can’t believe there are so many types of cancer out there. I’m wondering if the people at just decided on their own to make their bracelets turquoise, since it’s the same color for ovarian cancer.

Maggie had also sent me a trial pack of some Lindi Skin products a few weeks ago. They are especially made for cancer patients who go through Chemo and have extra sensitive skin. I used a few of the face products when my skin was really dry, but then I realized that I should probably wait until I take my radiation pill to see if I have any side affects. I do love the lip balm though. They have a great logo and packaging as well.

So this is my huge thanks to Maggie, as I have yet to send out any thank you cards… but I will!


Maggie said...

I didn't know that they the thyroid ca bracelets are turquoise! There are various reasons why organizations choose certain colors for their ribbons. For example, breast cancer is pink because it's mostly a women's disease, while prostate cancer is blue for a male only disease. Lung cancer is clear or white, because lung cancer patients say they feel invisible or forgotten. I wonder if there is a story behind the color for thyroid cancer?

Judy said...

Hey! That is a rockin' teddy bear!
Maybe you should take him to work for a while to raise awareness...