Tuesday, June 26, 2007

T-minus 14 hours

Once again I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off since we got back from Fortuna. We had a great weekend visiting w/ family and getting to hang out with old friends at the wedding.

Now I’m trying to get ready to be quarantined. I go into tomorrow morning to get the pill, however we are headed down to Santa Barbara tonight to go to a concert…which means that we had to prep last night.

That included:
- John moving all his stuff into the guest room
- Me gathering things to put in my room that I think I will use
- Going to the store and then doing some cooking so I will be able to have something to eat this week (during the day).
- Locate all our plastic utensils, plates, and cups
- Unpacking from the weekend and picking up the house so it won’t be messy
- Looking at the 400 photos we took from this past weekend

Ok, so I know that last one wasn’t a preparation priority, but it definitely was a priority! Some of the wedding photos we got are hilarious! I’m hoping to have ample time to upload them…as I’m still behind in uploading photos from April! I know I’m a total slacker.

We still need to move my computer into our room and locate our cooler. I’m going to try to keep some water and food cool in my bedroom so I will leave the room as little as possible.

I also received my hormone shots (one today and one yesterday). They gave them to me in my hip, one on each side. The nurse said that it’s a large amount of serum, so that is why they gave them to me there. I think the hormone has been causing me some stomach pain/cramping. Not in my intestines, but higher in my stomach. The last cramping I had was this morning, so hopefully I won’t have any tonight. I need to be able to rock out and then stay awake on the drive home!

Keep your fingers crossed that I will feel up to posting tomorrow!


Lori said...

Brave girl...I'm thinking of you! I love how you pepper the tough stuff with humor. Good luck with everything, and keep smiling.

jay said...

You forgot to mention who you were rocking out to!

I'll just imagine that its the most rock-out-ing-ness concert that ever was...

Have fun! We haven't been to a show since we saw Flogging Molly around St Patty's day... 2006...

oh, well