Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Greetings from Radioactive Girl

I know this image isn't the best image, as we all know I do NOT look like this lady, but this is what I found when I googled Radioactive Girl. I didn't have my camera w/ me today to take a photo of the sign of the room I went in... which said 'Nuclear Medicine,' which would have been more appropriate.

I just got back from the hospital about an hour and a half ago, and have about a half hour until I can eat. I forgot to take a pregnancy test with me, so I had to have the lab do one, and it took an extra hour. (I wouldn't be able to take the pill if I were preggers). So I didn't get my pill until 9am and have to wait 2 hours to eat. I'm STARVING since the last tie I ate was 7pm last night.

Anyway... I don't feel anything yet. My tongue feels a bit odd, and my head and neck feel tight, but that could be because Serena Williams is in a close first set against some Australian chick. How great is it that I get to watch Wimbledon! The last rally I just watched was 25 shots! I don't know what Serena is wearing though... she's got a cute tennis one piece skirt on that is a halter top, but then is wearing a regular sports bra on underneath! It looks REALLY tacky... and not to mention the bad tan lines she's going to get. Well she is in London, so a maybe that's not a concern. I'd look for a photo online for you, but I know if I do I will probably finds out who wins the match. I might look a bit later.

I got to unscrew the heavy lead pill container as the nurse kept her distance. I took a glance at the pill before I swallowed it and it was just white and looked like your average gel capsule. Not too exciting.

I go back on Tuesday for my body scan. I guess it takes a couple of hours. The nurse was telling me that a lot of the iodine stays in the bowel area so I will have to clean it before I come. So I'm thinking... no prob I'll just give myself a good wipe...then she gives me this little box and a sheet of things I'm supposed to do before the scan. When she said 'clean it' she meant CLEAN IT OUT! So I have to be on a liquid diet the day before, take a laxative, and then give myself a SUPPOSITORY!! ARRRGHH! I really hope I don't have to put it that far in there. I'm going to have to consult with my AM nurse. I'll do whatever doctors ask just as long as it doesn't have to do with my bowels. I have so many issues with it anyway that the longer it's left alone the better! I'm sure to the doctors that is the least of their concern, but that is my ONLY concern. Maybe if they had to have one too they would be more sympathetic.


TinmanSF said...

Well, that pill should do the trick. I can't believe you, of all people has to go through this!.


jenna said...

I am so laughing right now, but I do feel for you - that would totally suck. I'm sorry for laughing, it's just the way you write your posts that cracks me up! I love your sense of humor and it's so cool that you haven't lost it through this whole crazy ordeal.

Anonymous said...


Glad you are back from the Nuclear Zone! Hope you had fun at the concert last night. Hang in there and keep the good attitude!


Judy said...

Dear Amber,

Maybe you can get a pnoto of the "Nuclear Medicine" sign another day!

If you concentrate on Serena's lousy tan lines and try to forget about your "bowel" prep, that might be the way to go. Don't you
hate the way the Dr. never tells you EVERYTHING in the beginning? They are always trying to sneak in something extra that NO ONE would want to do.

I hope you keep feeling good! Changos! (fingers crossed)


Molly said...

If you're poo glows green -- take a picutre. it may be worth something on Ebay