Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Sorry about the delay in posts! ARGH! John is in the bay area this week and I thought I'd have tons of time to post. Boy was I wrong! It seems as though when John isn't here and I'm not spending my time hanging out with him I am really productive! (I.E. no time to blog).

My first goal was to clean the house, because A) it's easier to keep it clean w/ one person living in the space vs. two, and B) John 's parents are here tonight. They are stopping for the night to drop off Molly's dogs. Molly's movie got pushed back a few extra days, which interfered with their vacation plans to Montana. So they dropped the dogs off tonight and will head up to Montana tomorrow (driving). John and I were supposed to go on this trip w/ them, but due to the suckass cancer we couldn't go. I told John he could go, (since he has the vacation time), but he didn't want to go w/o me. (Those are the exact words from the greatest husband on earth's mouth! Don't even think I would try to add crap in here to boost his self-esteem.)

As you will see, this entry doesn't have a main topic. I have a bunch of small random stuff that I wanted to post about, but none of it was worthy enough to have it's own entry. Hope it doesn't bore you.

1. I'm starting on my low-iodine diet in preparation for my iodine treatment this week. So far it's ok, but it kind of sucks at the same time. I shouldn't really have anything processed, (is that the right word?). So my protein bars are out since they have soy in them, and I normally eat two a day. It's also hard to eat out since I don't know exactly what ingredients they put in everything. I think I will have to stick to salads and oil and vinegar dressing. I can't have the following foods: seafood, eggs, dairy (all kinds including butter), chocolate, soy, beans, some baked goods, and potato skins. Maybe I will lose a little weieght? Could I be so lucky? We will see.

2. This past weekend I volunteered at the Cal Poly portfolio review day. I was contacted by the Art and Design office to see if I could help out since I am an alumni. Every year right before graduation the department arranges for alumni and other companies who are looking to hire to come in and give the students feedback on their portfolios. At first I was hesitant on doing it. I probably wouldn't know anyone there, and WORSE what if there wee some alumni that I did not want to see? Would everyone be bragging about their current jobs or designer underware? Luckily there wasn't much time to chit chat w/ everyone AND I there was only one lady there who I went to school with. I did not want to talk w/ her however and was able to avoid her.

Overall I thought it was great. It was neat to see the student's work and to meet some of them. The first girl I saw really had a bad portfolio... however I didn't realize it until I had viewed the other students! On my rating form I gave her all 'goods' instead of 'adequate'! Dang it! Oh well. Hopefully some of the other people gave her better feedback. I saw some really great work as well. It was also neat to learn about some of their assignments, like redesigning a magazine cover and partial layout. That seemed like it would have been fun. It was also interesting to see how things have changed over the past 5 years... just in portfolio style (they are much smaller and sleeker), and in layout. Most of them had one or more pages dedicated to the projects which I felt was unnecessary. One student even had her preliminary sketches at the bottom of each project. That was pretty neat as well. For the most part I was a bit nostalgic of remembering that time in my life, but then also a bit sad for them. They have such high hopes and expectations of what a career in design will be for them, and little do they know that for some of them it's probably not going to live up to their expectations.


Maggie said...

You didn't happen to meet a girl at Cal Poly named Lily Nishita? She's my cousin & is a first year art major there!

jenna said...

I like random posts...good job. The dietary thing sucks - how long do you have to do that for? (You probably said at one point but I am bad at retaining information apparently).

The Cal Poly thing sounds cool. I was just thinking about school the other day because I found out the designer and owner of the diaper bag company whose bag I have graduated from Poly.

Judy said...

I am impressed by your integrity
in not adding crap to boost John's self-esteem. He is lucky to have such an honest wife.