Thursday, June 28, 2007

Brandon & Brenda? Can it get any better?

Well day 2 of solitary confinement is almost over. At least John will be home soon so I will have semi human contact via our walkie talkies. Let me tell you that those things are GREAT! I totally feel like I'm on a steak out...although there is no one to really spy on in the backyard.

Today was another semi productive day. As most of you know I've been uploading photos like a crazy woman. I've been SO behind. I decided to start with the newest photos and now I'm working on the ones from April. So I hope ya'll have time to check them out and don't get board with the subject matter. There will be a lot of kids, and a lot of wedding photos. However I did upload some photos from my surgery, so hopefully that will mix it up a bit.

I woke up this morning and my neck and throat were a bit sore. Not too bad though. I continued to eat sour candies every 15 mins until about noon. I think they were affecting my taste buds, because everything I've eaten has tasted like crap! Major bummer for a food lover like myself. I was totally dreading having to eat my lunch, (left over pasta from last night that was EXTREMELY bland), so I called Jen to find out her lunch plans. I found out that she and Davette were going to Apple Farm and that they would be able to bring me something! Hallelujah!

So I prepared and left a check for Jen under the doormat:

Now doesn't that salad look better than the pasta? Ok... I know it doesn't really, but let me tell you it WAS! So a HUGE thanks goes out to Jen and Davette for being my food delivery service today.
John is bringing me a Gus's sandwich tonight and I can't wait! My mouth is watering as I type.

Right after Jen and Davette left the door bell rang! I totally panicked and didn't know what to do! I mean what if it was Ed McMan with my million dollar check?? So I ran outside to see if I could see over the fence who it was. Just as I got close to the fence I heard:

"They aren't home! Now who are we going to sing Christmas Carols to? Deck the halls with bells of holly........."

It was just some crazy neighbor kid! I can just imagine if I opened up the door and my radioactive waves threw the kid across the street!

TCL's programming totally sucked today too! I don't know what their deal was. I did get to watch the Williams sister's doubles tennis match which was a treat. It was their first doubles match in four years, and they totally killed this British team. Serena was not wearing her hideous outfit from yesterday, so someone obviously had a talk to her about her fau paux.

I also got to watch the newest episode of the Inferno on MTV, and a few re-runs of Rob and Big. That show would brighten up anyones day! Check out my friend Sarah's entry regarding the show... and check it out the next time it's on.

My TV woes continued as Ellen AND Oprah had lame-o guests on. I mean where was Dr. Oz? I was even willing to listen to him talk about poop and parasites. Thank god I channel surfed high enough to find 90210 on the Soap Network! It was an episode from season one, and Brandon was having some MAJOR anger management issues. I've got to remember to watch it at 4pm tomorrow. I just know that right when I get my daytime schedule down I'll have to go back to work.

What really made my day today was hearing that the Spice Girls are really coming back! There have been tons of rumors that they were getting back together, but it was made official today.

Here they are at their press conference.
I am not ashamed to admit that I own both of their albums and even saw their movie Spice World. Well kind of ashamed about the movie... but I am a fan! I tried to get tickets for their concert when they were coming to Mountain View back in the 90's. It was me and all these mom's trying to get tickets for their young daughters. Once the assigned seats sold out I called it quits. Granted I did want to see them, but not bad enough to sit on the lawn. I totally lucked out since Ginger Spice quit before their North American tour started. She was my fave.

So what exciting events will tomorrow hold for me? Will I take a shower? Will I send out more ofoto albums? Will I watch Donna Martin Graduate?


Sarah said...

Now I have the 90210 theme song stuck in my head. Thanks alot.

Judy said...

I thought there were only 4 Spice Girls...