Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I love Technology

As my first day of quarantine is coming to a close it really wasn't that bad! I am quite amazed that I can spend 12 hours on the computer dinkin' around. And no... I wasn't looking at porn.

The photo is how I suited up when I went out in the kitchen to get my lunch. John still wasn't thrilled that I touched as many things as I did, but I had to!

I still haven't had any real symptoms either. My hands got a little dry this morning, like there was a light white film on them. But with washing my hands thoroughly they seem to be ok. I've also been sucking on sour candy every 15 minutes to make sure my slavery glands don't get damaged. The first few hours were great! Having to eat candy for my health? What am I going to have to do next? Oh that's right... stick my finger in an EXIT only hole.

As of now I've watched a woman give birth to twins, a couple lose money on trying to flip a house, a family who were 'killing their kids' due to their diet and lack of exercise, and now I'm watching the largest man in the world... who I think may bet a graphic surgery. This is all thanks to watching 6 hours of the TLC network! I was amazed that every hour there would be another interesting show! I totally scored since Wimbledon started showing all old matches due to a rain delay. I must complain that I feel like I'm watching TV in the 90's w/o my DVR. Having to watch commercials is AWFUL, and not being able to pause? Are you kidding me? I actually have to remember to go to the bathroom during commercial breaks now! I've got it so tough.


Molly said...

Nice Jazz Hands

jenna said...

Awesome, I love the outfit! And I feel similar about the TV thing - with Laina it seems all I do is change diapers and feed her while watching TV. Maybe not the best parenting method, eh? But I do get a lot of info from all those "educational" channels.

Ess Dee said...

Is that a sweat outfit? Almost PJs. I hope you update this often because I don't have tv at work and it's nice to know what's on.

Judy said...

What's an "Exit only" hole? I am
almost afraid to ask...

Judy said...

I like the outfit, too! That's
how I suit up when Daddy has
a tick.