Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bridal Shower #3 of 2007

This weekend I headed up to SF to throw my sister her bridal shower (with the help of my fellow bridesmaids of course).

On Friday night John and I stayed with his friend Scotty in the city. He had just bought a condo a few months ago and it was so nice!! Everything was so new, and there was great paint selections as well as very modern hardware. Scotty and John were meeting my dad and Dave early on Sat. morning, so I asked Scotty if he had a spare key for me. I needed to head to Safeway to get some last minute items before I left for the shower. Scotty said that a friend of his had a key, but he showed me how to leave his door unlocked while I went to the store. He also had to give me the code to get into his building. In addition to that I was parked in someone else's spot, so I was worried all night and morning that the owner might have blocked me in. So needless to stay I had quite a bit of stress before I even left for the shower! Luckily everything worked out and I did not lock my self out of the building, or his condo.

Amy's friend Corinne, who also lives in the city, was nice enough to let us use her home for the shower. I met Rebekkah and Shannon there and we all cranked out all the preparations with about 10 minutes to spare!

We got a little bit of a late start, but once everyone arrived we first played the Photo Age Game. Each guest is supposed to list the photos from youngest to oldest.

Here is Rebekkah and Erin trying very hard to figure out the ages.

After that game we went around the room and each guest told a small story about my sister. My highlight was Erin's story. Well it wasn't really a story, but a letter my sister wrote to her 21 years ago! The best part was on the envelope it said 'DO NOT LET ANYONE READ THIS!' The letter started off with some generic stuff about how she got straight A's, but then it got juicy. Come to find out Amy had been totally making out with her first boyfriend, (who recently got released from jail on a rape charge)!

After that we played a few more games and then my sister started on the gifts. The gift theme was 'Mood of the Bride.'
Here is a pair of dessert underwear that Rebekkah got her for when she is in the mood to 'heat things up.' (Also notice the BBQ).

Here is a gift she got from Gina for when she's in the mood 'to clean.'

Rebekkah made a great bouquet out of the ribbons and bows.

Here are the bridesmaids... Shannon, the bride, myself and Rebekkah. (One bridesmaid is missing, she lives in AZ).

Here is my sister, myself and my mom.

I was also very excited to get my first photo of 'Lil S'more!

After that people said their good byes and then we were off! Even though I think it may have been one of the LONGEST showers of all time (4.5 hours), it still seemed to go by fast. Next it's on to Vegas in a few weeks for the bachelorette party!


jenna said...

the photo age game sounds like fun, I've never heard of that one before.

Judy said...

Dear Amber,

The shower was great in many ways and you were an excellent shower "coordinator! It looked like a LOT
of work!