Sunday, August 5, 2007

Corndogs, Shaved Ice, and Cinnamon Rolls

Walk like an Egyptian…walk like an Egyptian… that is what we did on Thursday night!

The Bangles played a FREE concert at the Mid State Fair (in Paso), and let me tell you they were GREAT! They looked and sounded great. I was really impressed. You could tell that they were really happy performing…even if it was at a county fair! Three of the original members were there, and they sang off of their hits…including a few from their album they released in 2003! Who knew?

It was really great to see a female rock band. That is really rare these days isn’t it? I mean The Donnas attempted it, but never really made it big. I guess in the 80’s there was also Bananarama, but I don’t think they played any instruments. The members of The Bangles are really talented, and they said they formed in 1981 by answering an ad in the newspaper! The bass player has since left the band, although the new basest didn’t look that different…strange.

When they started to play Walk Like an Egyptian I heard the man behind me tell his kid that this was their hit song. Man did that make me feel old! But then it also reminded me of a time when I was just like that kid. A long time ago my family went to a county fair in Oregon and The Turtles were playing. I knew their one song, ‘me and you, and you and me no matter how we toss the dice, it’s always right’ but I didn’t get to hear it because it started to rain and they canceled the show!

Another highlight was this old rocker couple who looked like they were left over fans from the Aerosmith concert…all in black…kind of skanky…and lookin’ rough. However they REALLY seemed to be enjoying the concert. Maybe they were drunk. Anyway they were dancing very provocatively, and I swear the ladies boob was going to fly out of her top and smack the kid next to her! She seriously needed some support! I took a video of her, but I don't have a very powerful zoom.

After the show we decided to start in on the junk food. We each had a corndog during the concert and after John got an Old West Cinnamon roll. It was really good.

We then saw a co-worker of mine and then later saw two different co-workers of John’s! Isn’t that crazy! Normally we never see anyone we know when we go places, so I think this might be a sign… not exactly sure of what, but maybe that we have finally become ‘locals’?

John and I really enjoy coming to the fair every year. It reminds me of going to the Ferndale Fair growing up…although they have horse racing instead of concerts. I'd get a shaved ice, check out the art, photography and garden exhibits, get our handwriting analyzed (my mom's fave), and also check out all the booths with stuff for sale. We do the same at this fair, (minus the handwriting), however it seemed like all the booths sell REAL crap! As a kid it seemed like a shopper's paradise!

For the past 4 years we have also gotten photo booth photos. I was very excited about ours this year, however there is a nice strip down the middle that didn’t print, and I’m almost cut out of some of them! John says that just ads to it being from the fair, but you know I am all about quality! The ones we got last year were way better... the newer ones are on the right.


Big D said...

Hec with the Bangles, what about Chubby Checker? He would have been a must see for me. Boo, you are getting old to remember the 80's.

Judy said...

Hey! How about a little cinnamon roll with some of that Old West frosting???