Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How we Spend our Week Nights

As some of you know, John and I are now starting on week two of painting our living room, hall way, and fire place. I have had a request from Jen and Sam to see some photos, so here they are. I realized that most of the better photos are still in the camera and I'm too lazy to download them. Sorry! Here is a before shot. The white patches are the dry wall areas that John patched up.
Here John is working on the high ceiling. They were a killer, and I only worked on the low parts! The dude has monkey arms! How could I not let him do that job?
Here is the painting vampire.
The color we chose is a light green, and these photos do not represent it very well at all. I will post a final before and after, and hopefully the lighting will be better in those.

John just finished up with the fireplace tonight, and let me tell you it looks SO MUCH BETTER! My emotions towards the thing went from intense hatred to love! I am truly shocked at how good it looks. Look at the first photo... see how the mantel piece is a different color? (Real classy I know). Well it's all bright white now and fabulous!

There are still a few more touch ups to do, but next we will tackle the new floor boards. I'm not sure if we will get around to painting the doors and door frames before Steph's shower, but you never know! It's already a huge improvement!

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Judy said...

Ugh! That ceiling is a KILLER!
A+ to you two for all your energy!