Sunday, August 19, 2007

Junk Food and Spiders

This past weekend I headed up north for a girls weekend at Konocti Resort. I drove up to Ukiah Friday night and got to hang with Rebekkah and Sydney (Adam was hunting for a day). I arrived around 10pm and pulled up and saw that the light in Syd 's room was on knowing that she should have been in bed. So who comes out to greet me? The little fireball! The last time I saw her was in May, and she has gotten 10x cuter! How is that even possible? It's a good thing that she is not my kid, because no one would believe me when I would brag about how cute she is! She is totally becoming a talker which is making her even cuter.

The next morning we attempted a mini photo shoot and this was the best photo by far.
I also got this cute one:
We tried some family portraits after this one, but the Kyd was NOT in the mood because she needed some lunch. We will have to try again the next time I'm in town.

After lunch we headed over to Konocti, which was only an hour from Ukiah. We met up with the other ladies... Kathy and Kristin came over from the Sacramento area and Steph and Isa came over from Windsor and Ukiah.

We pigged out on some junk food and then the other four ladies headed out to get massages. Re and I were both a bit tapped out from last weekend, so we decided to take a walk around the grounds. here is Re in front of the lake. I had to have her squat so that the sun was on her face.
Re also needed me to take a belly photo because she hadn't taken one... yet? I think? It's a total shocker because she took a photo of her belly EVERY week when she was preggers with the first kid.

After the ladies came back we headed out to dinner, which was ok.
Here we are before we went out:

Poor Isa started feeling sick at dinner and went back to the room TO get sick! Her daughter was sick earlier in the week and then her husband got sick the night before. We felt so bad for her. Luckily her hubby was able to come pick her up...but talk about a bummer! We just chatted for the rest of the night because we were all so tired! Yeah it was kind of pathetic... here we are to have a good time and we could barely keep our eyes open! I'm hoping next year we meet in the spring or Fall. I think the summers are just too busy.

So our accommodations were very interesting as well. Well they were VERY 70's and pretty run down. Oh and there were massive flies everywhere! I think we had about 7 swarming around and there was NO fly swatter. Lame I know. This morning there was one that kept landing on me and waking me up! I was so hot that I was out of my covers, but then had to get under and suffer the heat to get some rest. It worked until I had to get up to go to the bathroom. When I got up I glanced over at my bed mate and saw a black think crawling over her. I thought it was just the fly, but when I looked closer I saw it was a spider! I thought CRAP! What do I do? I knew I couldn't grab my flip flop and whack her on the side. That would not be a pleasant wake up call! So I quickly glanced around the room and saw one random piece of Kleenex on the nightstand, so I grabbed. Rebekkah opens her eyes slightly and I tell her 'There's a spider on you don't move.' She gives me this glassy look and I squish it and then toss the Kleenex on the other side of the bed.

Let me tell you that I have NEVER killed a spider with one thin piece of Kleenex before! It's a good thing I was half awake, because I did not want to feel it pop! Well I didn't even check to see if I killed him, so he could still be crusin' around.


jenna said...

oh that is totally nasty about the flies and spiders!!! Ick!

Judy said...

Next time you go to Konoctic,
take some Raid and Off! You
were so brave to smash the spider!