Sunday, August 12, 2007

I Survived

Well I survived my 30 hour Vegas trip, however I'm running on about 3.5 hours of sleep, so don't expect too much out of this post. I know I could have waited until I rested up and gained my sanity back, but I know some of you would want to hear about the trip on Monday!

To start it off, my flight from SF to Vegas was delayed about an hour. Normally this would be no prob, but I was supposed to arrive at midnight which brought me in at 1am, and as most of you know my bedtime is normally 10pm. Lucky for me I had the end of HP 7 to read (which I totally loved by the way)! I was actually trying to read it slow to make it last, but I did wind up finishing it as my eye were half open.

An advantage of arriving into Vegas at an obscene hour was that there was not a line for the taxis OR for checking into the hotel! (The next morning there were about 40 people in line trying to check in).

I got into the room and it had a GREAT view of the Bellagio Fountain, but since I was there so late I hate to wait until the next morning to see them. I went to bed around 2:30am and around 4am the ladies came back and filled me in on their strip club experience from the night. Now I don't feel right repeating their stories since I was not there to experience it first hand, but let's just say that my sister said it was the 'best night of her life and nothing could top it!'

I think we all finally fell asleep around 5am, but were up the next morning around 9am because no one could really sleep. So even though I did not go out with them that night, I still did not feel in the best shape... but I was feeling better than they were.

I shared a room with Rebekkah, Erica (her sister), and Shannon. Amy, Corinne, and Emily were all still asleep when we got up, so we went off to get a early lunch in the Cesar's casino. After that we walked around to a few of the casinos checking out the sites.

Two weeks ago when we went to The Bangles concert my camera started acting up and the viewing screen went black and it started taking black photos. I shook it and it seemed to be working, however it did the same thing when I tried to take a video of the Bellagio Fountains. So I shook it again and it fixed itself. Then I thought I would delete the bad video and I accidentally deleted ALL of the photos... but canceled it in the middle, but I still lost about 10-15 photos! I am SO bummed! We all had cameras, so I'm hoping the ladies got some of the same shots that I erased.

One of the casinos we went to was the Paris Casino. There was this cute lady dressed up at the entrance, so Re and I asked her if we could get a photo with her. (She looked totally Vegas).

We saw a sign inside pointing in the direction of the Wedding Chapel and I totally wanted to check it out! We we totally went up a level and wanted to crash the wedding, but we weren't really dressed for it. There was just a small group of guests gathered in the lobby waiting for the ceremony. As we were leaving we did see the ultimate wedding crasher... a shirtless old man on a rascal!

After that we headed back to the hotel as the ladies wanted to go take a rest in the room. I was going to play a little back jack but we thought that we would have time to play a little before we left for dinner. We did not have time, so I did not get to gamble. Kind of a bummer, but also good, because I did need to save my money for the night, because I wasn't sure what to expect!

After a few cat naps we got ready to hit the town. Here is Amy all ready to go. Her goal for the night was to collect dude's phone numbers on her shirt.
We ate dinner at Kauhunaville in the Treasure Island Casino, and it was great! All the bartenders were just like Tom Cruise in Cocktail. They sat us at the best table in the house... right next to the DJ. He started things off by eavesdropping on us and found out what Amy's name was making an announcement to the restaurant about the bachelorette being in the house. Then he continued to play great songs the whole time we were there. I had never tried to eat and dance at the same time, and let me say it is not an easy task! I think I started to give myself motion sickness! There was even a mini stage next to the DJ booth that of course we had to dance on! Here are Rebekkah and Shannon showing me some sweet moves!
Here's an Erica sandwich!

Then the bartenders put on a show for us. They told us that which ever side of the bar was the loudest would all get shots. So we screamed our heads off! Here is Rebekkah and Emily giving it their best. (The other arms are Erica and and Corinne's.)

Our bartender was really great. Here is his finale:
He's holding a huge stack of mixing cups and then proceeded to pour all the drinks out of those into other cups while standing on the bar. They didn't pick a winner for the shots, but he handed out the drinks he made.

Emily then went and rounded up some guys to sign Amy's shirt. Here was one nice participant.
He was there with a friend of his who the DJ called Marky Mark, which totally cracked me up because he didn't really look like him. Then what was the next song he played? 'Good Vibrations' by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch! It was too much.

After dinner we headed over to the nightclub Pure that is in Cesar's. We had to wait about an hour, but we FINALLY got in. It was SO crowded that you could barely dance. After we were getting tired of getting elbowed we ventured over to another room in the club to where The Pussycat Dolls performed. Not the singing group, it was the Vegas group. They were pretty good, however right before that my camera went black AGAIN so I don't have any photos to post. I did get to use Erica's camera, so hopefully I will get a photo CD very soon.

After that we headed back to the hotel. I think most of the ladies were still wiped out from the previous night. I felt so wiped out myself! What a wimp I know! Now that all the pre-wedding parties are done, the main event is next!

Note: Since I am now in the market it would be great if you all could tell me hat brand of camera you have and what you like or don't like. I am a HUGE fan of Canon, but I am willing to branch out. I'm looking for one that is slim, has a big screen, takes movies, and has a quick shutter speed. Thanks!


Maggie said...

I have a SONY Cybershot and I LOVE it!

Mauleigh said...

Wow!! What a crazy night out! It looks like Amy had a great time! Once she is married and dosen't need that shirt with the numbers -- you know where I'm at!

jenna said...

We have the Kodak EasyShare and it takes short videos. The shutter speed is variable, but it still has that annoying digital camera delay which usually it is to slow to get some shots (like Laina smiling if you read my latest post). But it has lots of settings and does take nice pics.

Judy said...

Gosh--You guys had so much FUN!
I should have come along--to chaperone, that is!