Monday, August 27, 2007

Michael Vick? Is that You?

That is right…John and I saw a dog fight downtown SLO this weekend and it was AWFUL! As we were crossing the street we heard some dogs growling and it sounded really bad. Then it died down a bit, but then it got louder and longer and then next thing we saw were these two dogs going at it! One dog had the other dog by it’s neck and John thought the one dog was going to kill the other! The sounds coming from them were just as awful, and the owners were in slo-mo trying to separate them. I think one dog might have been a homeless man’s pet, and I couldn’t tell what breed the other dog was. All I can say is that was one of the worst things I’d ever seen, and I wasn’t even that close! John and I both felt sick to our stomachs.

We did go and see Superbad before our cruise downtown, and let me tell you that if you liked Knocked Up then you will DEFINETLY enjoy Superbad. It was REALLY funny. McLovin’ is a total crack up, and totally made the movie for me. John told me it was no surprise because I love NERDS. He was convinced of his theory, even though he could not name another movie nerd that I loved.

Since this was the first weekend within the last 3 that we were actually both home, we were also able to shop for a new camera. We were able to do some successful research online and had a pretty good idea what we wanted. Even after going to a couple of stores and checking prices we were still convinced to get our first choice… the Canon PowerShot SD850 IS!!!

Ooohhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. Isn't it purdy? One of the most amazing things is that this display screen is SO much bigger than my other camera. (Don't worry I'll do a side by side comparison for you when it comes in). Now I did consider other brands, (thanks to all who told me about their cameras), but almost all of the top rated cameras online were Canons...and I'm a Canon girl at heart! I really cannot wait to get it. I’m hoping it comes before this weekend and we can test it out at wedding #3. I ordered it off of I bought my Canon Rebel off of them a few years ago and it was by far the best online price. Same with the 850 price. I highly recommned them if you are in the market for a new camera.

I’m still in shock that my other Canon crapped out on me! I'd like to think that I just wore it out! Ok.. maybe I didn’t wear it out, but humor me will ya? I'd hate to think that I had dropped it one too many times. However I do have a semi strong mom AND sister both have similar elph cameras that they got BEFORE me and they are both still functioning.

In other news...we also purchased our tickets to BELIZE!!! Can you Belize it?? I’m still in shock! I really wasn’t sure if I’d get a legit vacation this year or not, but I got the time off approval from my boss on Friday so we are off to the tropics in October! I’m almost done with my Belize Frommer’s book as well so we will be planning very soon! Frommer’s is seriously the best. I could not plan a trip without them. Ok I could…but let me tell you that our trips have been on a whole new level using their sources. Also, with Maggie having just gone to Belize this past month, her info is extremely helpful as well…like recommending taking a 17 minute flight over to an island vs. a 2.5 water taxi.


Maggie said...

I agree, Frommer's is the best book. The best online site is TripAdvisor, you should def check it out!

Judy said...

That's terrible about the dog fight! Can you imagine people arranging dog fights and making money off of them? Sick.
Minor correction: My Elph is broken. For some time, now, the screen is black when you take a picture--BUT it will show you what you photographed. You can't really see much thru that teeny view finder...
John said you "love nerds"? Is he
trying to tell us he is a nerd?

Judy said...

I forgot--who in Eastern Europe
is reading your blog? And is there
a city out there on the eastern coast of Australia?