Thursday, August 30, 2007

Baby makes 3!

This past weekend John and I hosted our friend’s Steph and Hans’ baby shower at our house. We worked most of Saturday and all Sunday morning finishing up the room. We got it done just in time though. (Don’t worry I will post some before/after photos soon. I still have a bit of rearranging to do from the party).

Ellie had gotten some baby photos of Steph and Hans on the sly and had them blown up. They were really cute. She also had the idea of having a mini clothes lines w/ some baby onesies!

Michelle also had custom made cookies as the party favors and they were SO cute. They totally matched the invitations and tasted really good.

The center of the entertainment was the fondue fountain of course! It was hit! I think it was the most well received out of any of the parties I’ve taken it to. I also finally got one of the three tiered display trays, which worked out great. Here is Steph and Marc digging in.

They also made off with some great loot!
Here is a blanket that Hans' mom made for them.

Anna Bella had so much fun at the shower that it wiped her out!

Here are the ladies that threw the shower (excluding the lady on the right), and the mom to be!

Overall it was really fun. I really can’t wait to meet baby Drexler. He’s due on October 9th (also my sister’s birthday)!

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