Monday, September 3, 2007

Wedding #3 of 2007

This past weekend we attended our third wedding of the year in Pleasanton. John's college buddy Nory got married to his long time girlfriend Jessie. They had the wedding and reception at their home and did a fabulous job both with the wedding AND the work on their house.

We visited them this past March and helped them tile their entry way. Here is John and Nory working on the grout.

However that was just one of the small improvements they did. They had installed pergo flooring, painted, and completely re-landscaped their back yard. Let me tell you that they do not have an ordinary backyard. Their yard is HUGE! They could probably fit two more houses back there, and still have a decent sized yard. I really should have taken some before photos when I was there in March, but I didn't. They re-built their pond, built a deck, laid new sod, and had concrete poured.
The colors were brown and ivory w/ an orange accent. The next two weddings this weekend also have brown as their main color! Jessie said they paid extra for the nice chairs, and I think they totally made a difference!

They had a caterer staff of 4 people and they did a great job... and the food was AWESOME! They had some great shredded pork that tasted just like the pork I had in Hawaii at the Luau we went to. What was even more exciting was that they had a roasted pig! Not cooked in the back yard unfortunately, but it was still really neat. They also had a variety of dessert finger foods, which was also really nice. Jessie said that she knows not everyone likes cakes at weddings, which is true. It was a perfect solution.

They also had a great slide show that was playing in the house on a continuous loop. My favorite photos were of course the college photos. There were so many crazy ones that totally cracked me up... and even a few unflattering ones of me that don't even remember them being taken! I'm hoping I can get Jessie to burn me a CD of them and I will definitely post them if I get them.

I actually thought we stayed pretty late, (midnight), but I guess the hard cores partied until 4am!! Including the bride and groom!

Nory was nice enough to walk us (and Scotty), out to our car where he then proceeded to try to get a goodnight kiss from me... or Scotty... or John! He really wasn't picky. John thought it was hilarious because he had his window rolled up and locked. However mine and Scotty's windows were rolled down and LOCKED! We avoided the attempted kisses somehow and then proceeded to chase Nory, and his Champagne bottle, down the road in the car.

Here are a few of my favorite photos:
Scotty, Poon, Nory and John before the ceremony. I have no idea what Scotty is looking at... I'm temped to crop him out!

Jessie making her entrance.

Mr. and Mrs. Ison!

The bridal party.

Scotty and John trying to look tough...however Scotty looks like he's day dreaming.

The roasted pig!

Ready to cut the cake!

How funny is this photo?

These were my fave. They were bite size pieces of cake covered in frosting...I think. Of course I had to get one of each flavor!

Jessie and I.

Nory and John bustin' a move.

Scotty and John dancing... they were actually dancing with me... not with each other.

Here is Nory trying to get his goodnight kiss!


Anonymous said...
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jay said...

Looks like a good time had by all. Too bad we couldn't make it. That last picture of Nory is a classic.

What's up with Scotty staring off into space in every picture?