Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Are You Kidding Me?

Only ONE comment from my most loyal reader Sarah V.? Is this true? Where are my parents? Where is Molly, Sarah D., Jen, Sam, Jenna, Lori and Maggie? Ok, so I know some of you might have been at work, so I will let that slide...but my parents?? You guys are retired! This should be the first site you check every morning!

I even checked my blogger settings to make sure they were set correctly so that anyone anyone can leave a comment. (Which they were). I would be a little more lenient but my map showed that 21 people checked the blog yesterday, and I didn't get the comment until TODAY!

So since I only got ONE positive comment does that mean I should post the 100 facts? I mean if I got one yes and one no I'd say they'd cancel each other out. But now it's tricky... especially since THIS is my 100th post. I'll give it one more day and see if any of you out there have an opinion.

Lucky for you it was Sam's b-day today so I have some cute pictures to post. I was fortunate enough to join Sam for her birthday lunch AND dinner. I do not have any photos of lunch since that was a work event, but I did take my camera tonight.

We had a great meal at
in San Luis. I think they have the best Thai food in town.

Here is Sam and her sister Rina.

Some of us thought that Sam was turning 28 today but she informed us that she was really turning 25. Very interesting since she had her high school reunion this summer.

Jen, Sam and myself after dinner.
I was really hoping tonight was Friday and we wouldn't have to go to work tomorrow, but no such luck. I am very lucky that I work with these two ladies as they give me something to look forward to everyday!



Judy said...

So, are we supposed to believe that your friend really graduated from high school when she was 15?

Judy said...

One more thing: I don't check your blog first thing in the morning. I try to do as little as possible first thing in the morning. It is one of the advantages of being retired.

Samantha said...

I'm so excited that my day made the blog. Thanks Amber!

Anonymous said... more excuses for not leaving a comment! I vote yes on you posting 100 fun facts about yourself.

Mauleigh said...

That's a cute shirt you're wearing.