Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Finally some photos and vids!

I've uploaded a few videos on YouTube from the wedding. The quality has GREATLY decreased after I uploaded them. I'm not sure if there's a way to make them better or not, but I"m going to have to look into it. After viewing the videos I did take, I really wish I would have taken more. Still shots of people dancing just doesn't relay the same feeling as a video does. Kind of a bummer.

Here is one of my favorite videos that John took. I slightly got in the Photographers way, and I was doing my best in trying to stay incognito!

Here is an accidental video that Rebekkah took of Amy and I dancing:

After going through all of my photos, I made a list of my faves that I would like to post here on the blog...that number totaled 24! How ridiculous is that? I guess it doesn't seem like THAT many out of 900, but I also don't want to use up all the space I have here on Blogger. So below are a few of my favorite photos. I'm hoping to get them on ofoto soon, but I know it's going to be a LONG process.

Here is the bride and bridesmaids at the rehearsal:

Here are the groomsmen, John, my dad, and uncle in their custom shirts:

Here is Sydney SUPER excited to be the flower girl!

Here is a shot of our bouquets:

Here we are all ready to go!

Syd relaxin':

Here is Amy and I walking somewhere...I'm not sure where, but this is one of my faves!

My fellow bridesmaids:

Bridal party after the ceremony:

So I know Amy doesn't look very good in this photo, but it cracks me up! We were standing together for a family photo.

Cake feeding!

John getting down! I love that my cousin Lisa and my second cousin Ashley are also having a great time!

Molly and Mike getting down!

Erin, Sarah and I dancing:

This bride is totally light weight!


Judy said...

A great selection! I was there,
so I know!

Molly said...

All of those phot's are the best photo's!! Good job!!