Monday, September 17, 2007

Don't Get Chumpatized

This past weekend was our first official weekend (since the middle of June) where we did not have ANYTHING planned, and we were SO excited! Even though we had nothing on the calendar we still managed to be super busy. But it was all ‘fun’ busy of course!

We were able to play tennis on both days in preparation for the Pousts who will be coming up to visit in a few weeks. We are very excited to have some friends to play against…as long as we don’t get hurt. My knee has been bothering me a bit and on a couple of moves I felt some twinges of pain. (Just another sign of getting old).

We also had lunch w/ my friend Steph who is due to give birth in 3 weeks. It was really great to see her even though she kept calling herself fat. I'd correct her by reminding her that she was in fact pregnant, but I’m not sure if that did the trick. I personally think she looks great and I can’t wait to meet her son!

After lunch we headed to our favorite movie theater in town The Palm, and saw The King of Kong: A Fist Full of Quarters. You MUST go and see this movie! It is SO good. Let me just say this…there is a man known in the gaming world as Mr. Awesome, who has a quote in the movie where he uses the word ‘chumpatized.’ Need I say more?

The movie is a documentary that follows a man who tries to break the Donkey Kong World Record Score, and while doing so has interesting encounters with the world champion and his cronies. In the beginning I first thought that the Average Joe trying to break the record was really odd, and that the champion was normal. By the end of the movie, my opinion had totally changed! There are events that take place in the movie that I’m sure the filmmakers couldn't have dreamed of happening. If you love documentaries like I do then this is a must see. You will not be disappointed!

After the movie we had about an hour break and then we were off to the Cal Poly football game! My boss is a season ticket holder and a member of the Mustang Club (which allows you into a free pre-game BBQ), and she gave us her tickets for the game. She had given us tickets for a game last year and we had the best time. We had so much fun in fact that we did look into buying season tickets ourselves, but never followed through with it. Now after having such a great time on Sat. we are mad that we didn’t get them! Oh well, as long as we keep getting freebees who can complain?

Cal Poly also just remodeled the home side of the bleachers and they are SO nice. Well they aren’t bleachers anymore, there are actual seats! For the most part the crowd was pretty mellow around us except for some loud mouths behind us. I have the feeling they might not have been season ticket holders, if ya know what I’m saying. On the opposite side of the field were all the students and I can’t believe how many there were! There were some crazies w/o shirts with letters painted on their bodies. John said that one group had GO CALPO, and I said, “I wonder where the L and Y are,” and John said he was trying to figure out who Calpo was! He thought he might have been one of the players! Later we saw the L and Y and they were girls with sports bras on with the letters on their stomachs.

Cal Poly totally killed Webber State. We have this one receiver who is 6’6” and SO good. He had 5 touchdowns before the half! We remembered him from last year, so I thought he was probably a senior, but he’s only a junior. Lucky for them.

Once again it was odd sitting with the ‘older’ crowd. Shouldn’t we have been there the topless peeps? Probably not…we are going to try to get tickets for this weekends game as well, and we also purchased some new attire! Are we ready or what?

I almost forgot!! On our way back to the car we spotted Mr. Bandit causing trouble on I had to take a video! Mr. Bandit doesn't give us much action, but John's commentary sure makes up for it!


Judy said...

John's comment is g-r-o-s-s!
But there are other raccoon movies
by yours on youtube. Be sure to
watch "Raccoon steals rug" (carpet?). They were all pretty
funny. I didn't realize so many people had raccoon probs... It's
nice to know we are not alone!

jay said...

That's awesome... I almost added The King of Kong to our netflix list last weekend, then had second thoughts about watching 2 hours of Donkey Kong... Its back on!

Also, excellent wildlife footage. Reminds me of Meerkat Manor - The Unrated Version (if there was one).