Sunday, September 16, 2007

VMA = Pile 'O Crap

John and I taped the VMAs on our DVR last weekend and watched them last week. Let me just say that I have probably seen every VMA show since 1989? Well ever since we started getting MTV in Fortuna, and I must say this was the WORST SHOW to date. I know their ratings had been low since 1999, so they thought it would help by having it at the Palms and having a variety of performers in different parts of the hotel. What the crap was that? It just made everything so confusing...then it seemed like it turned into the JT and Timberland show.

Honestly we fast forwarded through about 85% of the show. There weren't any creative performances, and for those who tried, they all lip synced! I used to look forward to the award show all year long to see the fashions...LIVE performaces...celebs getting censored. I asked John if the fact that I am getting older had anything to do with my dislike for the show, and he told me no. I was slightly surprised, as I get daily reminders that I am getting older and older.

I will admit I was very excited to see Britney's comeback performance, but I had the same opened mouth facial expression as Fiddy did in the crowd. Out of all the VMA performances I'd ever seen I don't think I'd ever seen one as bad as Britney's. I mean the AWFUL lip syncing was all it took. How could she not have even TRIED to act like she was singing? I do believe the theory that she broke the heel of her shoe. If this is the case, then fine... she wouldn't be able to dance like her normal hooker style, but a broken heel should NOT have affected her lip syncing! I found this great video on YouTube that analyzed different parts of her routine that showed that in fact it looked like she had busted her heel. I just went to locate the video and it had been removed! ARGH! But I did find this one. It's not as good, but at least it's a little proof. (It's her right foot). All I have to say is that if MTV really wanted to get some ratings, they should just go back to the standard format and bring Arsenio Hall back.

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