Thursday, September 20, 2007

4 Years ago Today

Four years married and 14 years we've been together. Man that seems like a long time when its written out! However it does not feel that long...honestly! I really had great intentions with this post but I don't have the time. I wanted to go through our album and scan some of the professional ones, and add some other reception faves. Instead I kind of cheated w/ these photos and just copied them off of my ofoto album! Some of these are my faves, so I guess I shouldn't complain. I never did get my photos organized...something I still hope to do. The ofoto album I have is totally random and has about 30 photos. Below are some of my favorites.

Our wedding day was the greatest day of our lives so far. (Thanks mom and dad!) I am still so thankful that so many of our good friends and family were able to be there with us. It made it much more special since you all mean so much to us.

Every year on our anniversary we watch our wedding video. Last year we only made it through the ceremony and didn't get around to watching the reception. So this year we watched the rehearsal and ceremony last night and will watch the reception tonight. It brought back so many wonderful memories that I wish I could go back and relive it. We are tentatively planning a 10 year wedding vow renewal in Vegas officiated by Elvis, but we'll see. Who knows where we all will be in 6 years? Will you all be ready to par-tee? I tried to get John to agree to a renewal at 5 years, but that didn't fly.

Here is Molly, my sister-in-law, and Maddy. She was such a great flower girl and did such a good job. I can't believe how small she was. (She had just turned two.)

Here is Scotty in the Limo on the way to the reception. This photo cracks us up...also not sure what Molly is doing in the back ground.

Here is Rebekkah and I, a little sweaty from dancing.

John and his buddies rockin' out.

This is one of my favorite self portraits John took of him and Amy on the dance floor.

The bouquet toss. I totally nailed my sister in the shoulder, and then it flew past her!

I'm not sure what kind of pose this is!

John and I had just gotten done taking a self portrait of ourselves when Poon ran over and had us take another one. So funny.


Judy said...

Hey! Happy Anniversary!! Today's the big day! How come John wants a party in 6 yrs. but not 5???

Big D said...

I can't believe that it has been 4 years. I'm still paying wedding bills (maybe they're Amy"s)

jay said...

That was a fun wedding. I think I see myself in the inflatable guitar picture behind Noriega... probably about to sneeze from the gnarly allergies I had that night.

Congratulations guys! Vegas in 6 years sounds like a plan! Make sure you get the Old Fat Elvis.

Anonymous said...

That was the best day of my life too! Is that sad or what! :)