Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Attention All Wedding Guests

As some of you may know, the US Open Women's final tennis match is Saturday...the day of the big wedding. PLEASE do your best in not saying ANYTHING to John or I about the match if you happen to hear who wins, (this means YOU dad). We are taping both the women's and men's final matches and praying we don't hear who wins.

We have been in this situation before... 4th of July weekend in 2004 at the Steinbuck wedding. I was very successful ALL DAY in not finding out who won Wimbledon only to have it wrecked by one of the wedding guests. John had just told me that he found out who won at the golf course bar, and when this guest (who will remain nameless) heard 'Wimbledon' she gleefully expressed how happy she was that Sharapova won. I was SO mad!

One good thing is that most of the good tennis matches will be played this week due to the fact that all of the best players are in the same bracket. So hopefully if I do find out who wins, it won't be one of the best matches of the year...but you never know.

We are lucky however that the 49ers play on Monday night! So at least we know we will get to see them play.

I mean you people should really consult me before planning any weddings.

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Big D said...

I wanted Serena. I definetely will spill the beans now.