Sunday, September 23, 2007

To Love it or Hate it

Love the fun graphic work I get to do in my spare time.
Hate spending my free time on the work. (I.E. spending all Sunday on a freelance poster and wedding program, which causes me not to spend time with John and not to have time to blog. It also causes me to feel non productive, which makes no sense).

Hate coming home from the store and realizing I bought the wrong kind of hair spray.
Love that it actually works better than my regular hair spray.

Hate that Sundays feel like I work in a wash house (washing and ironing clothes).
Love the feeling after everything is put away.

Hate to work out.
Love the fact that I do.

Hate feeling like talking on the phone is a waste of time.
Love catching up with family and friends.

Hate cooking dinner.
Love eating a home cooked meal.

Love The Office Season 3 bloopers.
Hate that there aren't more.

Love receiving flowers.
Hate that they die.

Love football season.
Hate it when the 49ers loose.

Love to rescue neighborhood dogs that are out on an adventure
Hate to return them to their owners, (especially when it's a corgi).

**Note: My sister checked this blog when she was in Puerto Rico and now there is a dot on the that country on the side map!


Anonymous said...

Yes, but that Corgi was covered in pooh!! You don't want pooh corgi!

Judy said...

Well, Thanks to Amy for writing from PR! Too bad you couldn't keep the corgi!