Sunday, September 19, 2010

CP vs. Montana

Last weekend Cal Poly played the Montana Grizzlies who were ranked #1 in their division. They beat a team by 71 points the previous week in their season opener, so I was prepared that we might be leaving at half time depending on the score.

There were A TON of Montana fans in the crowd. The night before I had my book club meeting at a restaurant in town, and there was this huge table of old peeps who were wasted and singing songs. At first I thought they might have been a glee club. Near the end of the night they shared some cake with us and the one guy said 'Go Grizzles.' I was like 'excuse me?' Go mustangs!! Apparently the whole table was filled with Montana fans and they were singing old college songs! That should have tipped me off that there were going to be a lot of fans in town, but I didn't think there would be that many at the game. However I should have realized that of course they would want an excuse to go to California!

The team played pretty good and at half time it was 14 to 14. I could not believe how close our boys had kept the score! In the 3rd quarter Montana took a lead so we were fighting to catch up. Slowly but surely we gained on them which included this touchdown.

Montana got the ball back, and then two plays later we intercepted the ball for a TD!! 14 points in 18 seconds put us back in the lead. We barely held on to the lead for the rest of the game, but they did!!!!! Montana even had 3 different opportunities to score to take the lead, including a 2 point conversion that they missed, which would have tied it up.

We were SO excited that they won...and totally shocked! This game was just as exciting as when they played Sconnie two years ago, but this game had a way better ending.

Here is a celebration video:

Guess what Montana's ranking is now? 6th! CP dropped them 5 places! Poor dudes...but really they didn't deserve to win the game.

As John and I were riding high on the victory, on our bikes, John accidentally threw his chain ON A DOWNHILL! He was behind me and all I heard was 'BABE! BABE!' I didn't know what was going and and then I see him riding by me dragging his feet on the ground trying to slow down. He is SO lucky he did not crash. Right after his chain fell off his handle bars also bent forward, which makes it even more amazing that he did not crash. It's a good thing he is a self taught bike mechanic so he could fix the chain and we were able to make it home.

Our next football game is in 6 weeks as CP has 5 away games in a row. Luckily we won't be missing any when we are on our trip, which is now 12 days away!!

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Big D said...

I wonder if Cal Poly's exploits will be published in France?